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EMCO MSI Package Builder Software To Manage All Packages For PC 9.1

Nov 2,2019 - EMCO Software (Free)

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EMCO MSI Package Builder is an innovative installation editor designed for the effortless creation of MSI packages. It helps you create MSI packages automatically by using the changes tracking technology, or manually by using the visual editor. The application can be used to repackage legacy installations and convert EXE to MSI files in order to customize installers and prepare them for silent remote deployment. Thus created packages can be deployed through Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer.

EMCO MSI Package Builder Software For PC

What is the EMCO MSI Package Builder?

EMCO MSI Package Builder is an installation authoring tool designed to help administrators to create, maintain and distribute Windows Installer packages. It can be used to create MSI packages easily, to modify existing installations, and repackage setups from the EXE to MSI format.

The Package Builder is specially designed to repackage non-silent EXE installations into silent MSI packages and is one of the most capable packaging tools on the market. Using it you can easily convert installations into MSI packages. The program allows repackaging complex installations, including those that deploy Windows services, drivers, etc. The program can package installations into MSI, App-V, MSIX/AppX formats.


How to Create an MSI Package?

How to make MSI packages and what are the advantages of using EMCO MSI Package Builder? The application simplifies installation authoring by making use of the visual editor and changes tracking technology, which is used to generate installation project data. To create an MSI, you can certainly follow the traditional way and specify the installation resources and actions through the visual editor, but it is more efficient to use the Live Monitoring technology.

When monitoring is enabled, the application detects the file system and registry changes undertaken on a PC and uses them to build an MSI. You can make the required changes manually to get an installation that will reproduce them or monitor the actions of the existing installations in order to convert them from the EXE to MSI format.

msi packages creation

Emco MSI Package Builder Edition Comparison

Professional Edition
The Professional edition includes a visual editor and a changes monitor. It can be used to create MSI packages manually by means of the editor or automatically with the help of the changes monitor. It allows EXE to MSI repackaging and modifying existing installations. The visual MSI editor that can be used to build MSI packages easily.

Enterprise Edition 
The Enterprise edition is an advanced builder and repackager that can be used to create MSI packages and convert complex installations into the MSI format. Its changes monitor can track service installations and environment variables changes. It can repackage installations also using the installation wrapping method.

Architect Edition
The Architect edition includes all the available installations repackaging and MSI editing features. In addition to MSI generation, it can also generate App-V, MSIX/AppX packages, so it allows repackaging installations into MSI packages and also converting existing applications into App-V, MSIX/AppX packages. The same installation project data can be used to generate MSI, App-V and MSIX/AppX packages.

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Emco MSI Package Builder Features

Create MSI Automatically
The innovative Live Monitoring technology saves you the complexity of manual MSI building. Create an MSI using a truly visual approach by performing the required installation actions on your PC. EMCO MSI Package Builder will track your changes and make an MSI file for you automatically. You can modify the installation by using the visual editor.

Convert EXE to MSI
An easy EXE to MSI repackaging helps you to convert legacy EXE setups that require interactive installation into the MSI format to prepare them for silent remote deployment. It’s possible to create an MSI from an EXE file in a fully automatic mode using the Live Monitoring technology, which is the most advanced technology available today.

Customize Existing Installations
Modification of third-party installations becomes possible with The Package Builder. Change existing installations to meet your needs by repackaging them into MSI packages and using the visual editor to apply changes. Combine installs into one MSI package and apply custom pre-and post-installation changes with only a few clicks.

Build MSI for Remote Installation
Get ready for a remote deployment by creating silent MSI packages. All produced setup files can be deployed onto remote PCs within a LAN by using Group Policy (GPO) or EMCO Remote Installer. All installations have preconfigured settings and can be deployed locally or remotely in a silent mode with no user interaction.

Other Features MSI Package Builder Software

  • Real-time monitoring of existing installations and applications to create your own MSI packages from monitoring results
  • Visual creation of MSI packages does not require programming
  • System variable support, which enables you to install the created MSI on computers with different system configurations
  • Decompiling and editing of existing MSI files
  • Option to control file overwriting
  • File attributes support
  • Localized user interface and help files

Limitation of EMCO MSI Package Builder

EMCO MSI Package Builder is primarily used by network administrators who need to create preconfigured silent installations ready for automatic remote deployment. Hence, it has a limited set of features for creating fully functional MSI packages designed for an interactive installation. The limitations include the following:

  • Only silent MSI packages can be created. There is no option to add an installation GUI wizard.
  • The created MSI packages can include file system and registry changes, manage Windows shortcuts, services, and environment variables, and execute custom actions before and/or after installations. There is no access to editing low-level MSI tables.
  • Non-silent Windows system software installations, including driver installations, OS patches and Windows system tools, cannot be converted into MSI packages. This technological limitation is common for all types of installation repackaging solutions.

System Requirements

Processor 6th Generation Intel Core Processor or equivalent.
Hard Disk Space 10 GB Hard Disk Space
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Framework .Net Framework 2 and above


Technical Specification

Software Name EMCO MSI Package Builder Software V 7.3.6 Build 4704
File Size 78.5 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Emco Software



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