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Network apps work wonders for your Mac devices. Networking tools for Mac are typically command-line programs and boost the efficiency of your device while helping you track and monitor your network usage. You can track the amount of data that has been sent and received over a period of time. The apps also allow you to audit your Mac PC and report all the mobile data and wifi networks it has been connected to.

You can also pull out data usage reports, which allows you to know the amount of data consumed on your network. This, too, can be pulled out for any specific time period. These networking software also scan information about nearby wifi as well as Bluetooth connections. The function of a networking software does not stop at mere scanning; it also ensures security. You also have the standard port scanner, which helps detect any open ports, revealing IP addresses they are open to.

All you need to do is click on the found device, and your networking app will pull out all essential information, such as manufacturer, product name, model and even IP address. Relying merely on the networking of your Mac PC may not be enough, which is why you need to equip your device with additional support – so go ahead install a networking app for your Mac PC right away.