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With everything going remote, building a network online has now become essential. If you are a business owner or someone who offers different services, you need to consider installing business apps on your Android devices. These apps help you stay connected with your team as well as your client base, ensuring you seamless connectivity.

Apart from Skype, you have a whole lot of other business apps that can help build communication and connectivity within your team. Most of these apps offer basic features, such as messaging, audio and video calls, documents as well as screen sharing. But the modern apps have gone a step ahead and incorporated new features, which fit well considering the dynamic work culture we have now.

These apps allow you to take notes, organize, and maintain them on a single platform. You also have the calendar option, wherein you can schedule your meetings. The apps also help you keep track of your scheduled meetings and send reminders well in time. You also get notifications for important emails, chats, and calls. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are really busy and find it hard to keep track of their calls and messages. With this feature, you will no longer miss out on an important message or call.

The business apps also allow you to keep in touch with your clients 24/7. And this benefits the small business owners, who don’t really have a huge team to assign different tasks to. If you are the business owner, you may also have to double up as a troubleshooting associate! And this is where these apps come into the picture, to help you handle all your roles effortlessly. So what are you waiting for? Download an app dedicated to your business on your Android device right away!