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Worried about constant distractions popping up during work hours? Well, you’re not alone! Wondering how to get rid of these distractions? The solution is super simple – all you need is productivity software on your Windows PC. With the powerful distraction blocking tools available out there, you can instantly block access to time-wasting websites and desktop apps.

With these productivity software, you have multiple options to segregate work hours and fun time over the internet. You also get to have the option to schedule your work hours and break time so that you can unwind for some time in between your stressful work hours.

You can set up productivity software on your Windows PC in less than two minutes, but it will definitely save you a whole lot of time. Along with your personal time tracking, some of these software also offers the employee time tracking tool. With the help of this feature, you can track not only your personal efficiency but also that of your entire organization. It also helps you maintain a record of how much time you spent on any given project.

On an overall basis, these productivity software work wonders to help you focus and increase your efficiency.  You can also use these time trackers to calculate your hourly billing rate. With so many benefits, it’s high time you install good quality productivity software on your Windows PC too.