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On March 21, 2006, Jack sent out the first tweet, which said, “Just setting up my twttr.”

The co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had an idea: he would make a way for friends to keep track of each other by updating their statuses on an SMS-based platform. At first, Twitter was an idea that was a lot like texting. Twitter is a social networking site that has 100 million daily active users and 500 million tweets sent every day. It is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms available today.

Twitter can be used to find out about news, keep up with famous people, and keep in touch with old high school friends.

But Twitter’s popularity can be scary. If you don’t know how to use it in 2019, should you even try to join the millions of people who have been using it for years?

Twitter is very easy to use, which is great. Here, we’ll talk about what Twitter is, who uses it, and how you can start using it right now.

At the South By Southwest Interactive conference in 2007, more than 60,000 tweets were sent, which was a big sign of Twitter’s growth. The Twitter team used the conference to start getting more people to use Twitter.

Twitter started out as an SMS-based platform, so the 140-character limit was there because it had to be. The limit was set by mobile carriers, not Twitter.

But as Twitter grew into a web platform, they kept the limit because it fit with Twitter’s brand: Twitter is a platform that tries to make content that is easy to skim in our tech-heavy, short-attention-span world.

Over the past 10 or more years, Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds. Its main goal is to quickly spread information, which isn’t always important (Kim Kardashian’s thoughts on makeup, for example), but sometimes it is (like when Iranian protesters used Twitter to assemble marches).

Twitter has a lot of uses and a lot of potential that are hard to measure. It can put you in touch with someone in Thailand as quickly as it can put you in touch with the person who lives next door. You could fill your feed with professionals in your field, news sites, famous people, comedians, or your friends.

Twitter has made a very addictive platform by letting each user choose their own content based on their own needs and interests.

Twitter for Marketers
Twitter can be a great way to build a following and give your audience useful information before they become customers. The character limit can also help you make short, interesting ads, like a shout-out to a webinar or free e-book your business is hosting.

You can use Twitter to promote your products or services, but you shouldn’t do it too often. As with any social media marketing plan, your main goals should be to attract an audience with useful content and raise awareness of your brand.

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