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The first question that pops into our minds is – why do I need video software for my Windows PC when I can easily watch videos off the internet? Once you install the software on your Windows PC, you wouldn’t have it the other way! These video editing software come with amazing features which enhance your experience as a viewer.

With these apps, you can not only watch videos in full-screen mode but also record the same at the same time. You can edit video files, modify their size as well as download Youtube videos with the help of video download software programs. These days, you have an upgraded version of video audio software that allows you to edit not only videos but audio files and images too. Once you are done editing these individual elements, you can incorporate all of them in a single video.  Along with this, you can also allocate different output styles to the videos you create.

Additionally, these videos also allow you to convert video files into a variety of formats and extensions. You can also adjust various audio and video parameters, such as quality, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, channel, and sample rate. You also have a whole range of creative options with the help of which you can create amazing videos. This includes the extraction of audio from videos and converts them into popular audio formats.

If you work with videos often (or even if you don’t!), it’s essential to have these video player software handy on your Windows PC. Like all other apps, you have a lot of options to choose from – so make sure you pick a right video software that suits your requirements well.