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Are you even using your smartphone well if you don’t have games installed on it? Smartphones these days come with top-notch features, which make them well suited for gaming too. If you don’t use your smartphone for gaming, it’s time you reconsider – because gaming on Android smartphones is super fun!

There are so many Android-compliant games that you will definitely be left spoilt for choice. With these games on your Android devices, you can play games individually or with a group and have fun – no matter where you are. You can play card games like poker and solitaire, or pick games like rummy too! You also have a whole variety of games based on sports, which allow you to team up with others so that you can play your game. You can play in groups either with friends or strangers off the internet and have a fantastic gaming experience.

You also have educational games where you can learn spellings, math, or complex science concepts in a fun way. If you love quizzes, you have games dedicated to those too! You can compete with people across the world on quizzes ranging from different genres.

If action is your thing, well, you have a whole lot of reasons to cheer up – because there are so many thrilling action games for you to choose from! So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite games on Android devices right away!