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Why do you need utilities apps on your Android device? The answer is pretty simple – to equip it with useful apps and boost its performance. Apps offering different functionalities come under the banner of utilities apps. While your phone may come in-built with a range of apps, adding these apps will definitely improve your workflow.

These apps range in complexity, and you have everything extending from augmented driving to smart calculators on the list. With apps like augmented driving, you can drive safely on the road as the app gives you warning signals for collision, alerts and other data too. Translation apps, too, form part of utilities apps – and these apps come super handy when you are interacting with a foreign client or vacationing in a foreign country.

In your workplace, scanning, sharing, and downloading documents are some tasks you have to do often. In such cases, having these apps installed on your phone is indeed a boon. You can simply take out your phone, open the scanning app and carry out your task without actually waiting for the scanning machine. These apps boost your efficiency at work and make it a lot easier too.

You also have apps to monitor your data usage. You can pull out your data usage for any timespan with the help of these apps. Further, if you are a fitness freak and love to keep track of your daily workout sessions, you have amazing apps for that too. Utility apps are must-haves in your Android device, and if you don’t have them, it’s time to install these highly functional apps.