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15 Best Windows Shortcuts to Streamline Your Study Sessions

Distractions and time-wasters abound for today’s students. With the proliferation of social media, apps, and video games, it’s easy to get sidetracked while studying. Many recognize this problem and are looking for ways to boost productivity and streamline study sessions. 

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts is one effective way to achieve this goal. With their help, students can switch between apps, online resources, and study materials without getting lost in the digital vortex. It can save time and improve focus at the same time.

Since most students rely on Windows operating systems, we decided to compile a list of the best and most useful Windows shortcuts. Mastering them can be a game-changer in a student’s learning process. Keep reading to find out more!

Windows Shortcuts

What are keyboard shortcuts?


Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that allow you to perform mouse-based actions using the keyboard instead. If you know keyboard shortcuts well enough, you can save a significant amount of time and avoid relying on the mouse altogether. They allow users to navigate their computers, programs, and tabs faster.

Shortcuts are proven timesavers for those looking to improve their focus and boost productivity. From admission essay writing help and Google Academy to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, students can quickly switch between college-related windows and programs. Mastering keyboard shortcuts can greatly benefit students and professionals alike since it can help to improve workflow. 

Some keyboard shortcuts are well-known among computer users, such as Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. However, there are lesser-known shortcuts that can come in handy to speed up daily tasks. Let’s explore some basic and advanced shortcuts below. 

10 Basic Windows shortcuts

If you’re completely new to the concept of keyboard shortcuts, allow us to introduce you to some of our personal favorites. These are essential shortcut keys that will help to streamline your study sessions and work tasks. 

1. Ctrl+A

If you are working with walls of text, this combination is a definite time-saver. It allows you to select all text in the open document or tab. You can further copy, delete, or edit it. For example, you can change the font style, size, or color of the entire text with just a few clicks.

2. Ctrl+Z

We all make mistakes sometimes, and this combination allows us to undo them. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted an important paragraph, link, or image, put it back using the Ctrl+Z shortcut.

3. Ctrl+Y

Unlike Ctrl+Z, this shortcut will help you redo the action. Ctrl+Y is a powerful keyboard shortcut that allows you to undo the previous action. Simply put, if you deleted a sentence and then put it back with Ctrl+Z, you can press Ctrl+Y to undo the undo and delete the sentence again.

4. Ctrl+C

Use the Ctrl+C combination when you don’t feel like retyping a word or phrase again. It helps you to copy text or even images and paste them elsewhere using the mouse or Ctrl+V combination.

5. Ctrl+V

Following the Ctrl+C shortcut, the Ctrl+V combination is used to paste the last copied text or image into another location or document. You can use it both after copying something with Ctrl+C or after cutting something with Ctrl+X.  

6. Ctrl+X

This keyboard shortcut is best for text editing. By utilizing Ctrl+X, you can quickly cut out a word, sentence, or paragraph and leave a blank space, or paste it elsewhere with the Ctrl+V combination. 

7. Ctrl+F

If you can’t find a word or phrase in your document or webpage, but know it’s there, use Ctrl+F to quickly locate it. As soon as you enter the needed words in the search bar, you’ll see them highlighted in the text.

8. Ctrl+S

To make sure all your changes in the document are saved, use Ctrl+S. This shortcut will quickly save your work without having to navigate through the menu options. 

9. Ctrl+W

Whether you need to quickly close a tab you are no longer interested in or remove an important document from view, use Ctrl+W. With this shortcut, they’ll vanish in a split second.  


This key is useful when you work away from home and don’t want other people to see what’s on your computer. The WIN+L combination locks your screen and usually requires a password to unlock it. 

locks your screen

5 Best shortcuts for seamless and more productive learning

If you’re already familiar with basic keyboard shortcuts, we’ve prepared some other, more advanced shortcuts for you to try out. Dive in!

1. Ctrl+Shift+T

If you have found the best paper writing services online and accidentally closed this important tab, don’t worry. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T at the same time. It will reopen the last closed browser tab. 

2. Ctrl+N

To open a new window in your browser or new page in your document, press Ctrl+N. If you want to browse privately, a combination of Ctrl+Shift+N will help you open a new incognito window in your browser.

3. Ctrl+H

Whether you realized you misspelled a word in your multi-page essay or simply want to change phrasing or a sentence in your paper, use Ctrl+H. This handy keyboard shortcut allows users to find a word or phrase and replace it with just a few clicks. 

4. WIN+D

Quickly switch to the desktop using the WIN+D keyboard combination. It minimizes all open windows and takes you straight to the desktop. WIN+D can be a handy way to access files or programs on the desktop without having to switch between multiple windows.

5. Ctrl+Alt+Delete

In a critical situation, make use of a Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination. It will open a task manager even if everything is frozen and you can’t do anything else. From there, you can end any unresponsive programs or processes that are causing the system to freeze.

To wrap up

We hope our handy guide will help you stay on top of your academic assignments and streamline your workflow. Be sure to incorporate these shortcuts into your study process gradually. This way, you can adjust to the change more smoothly and make them a natural part of your study routine. 


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