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macOS is definitely one of the best operating systems out there. But why stop at good, when you get better? Yes, we are talking about upgrading your Mac operating system!

You have the macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, and macOS Sierra, and each of these operating systems is all comprehensive platforms and is curated especially for Mac devices. The best part about these OSes is that all your other Apple applications, be it iTunes, Apple Music or Apple Podcast, work amazingly well with each of them.

The OS also allows you to listen to music and podcasts, take notes, organize your photographs, and set reminders. Basically, the OS offers everything you would require to keep your everyday work going effortlessly. You also have the in-built Safari browser, which again, is one of the most popular browsers among Mac users.

Thanks to the Apple Arcade, you also have unlimited access to over 100 games for your Mac. If you are a creatively inclined person – there’s something for you too! You have the Apple Pencil, which again, is a beautiful feature full of creative tools. You can use these tools to illustrate and edit photos, create 3D models and organize all of them systematically in Apple Pencil itself.

You also have the Split View feature, through which you can multitask. Each of these operating systems offers amazing features and has taken into consideration tiny details which make your workflow a lot easier. With an upgrade, you will unlock a whole new world of impressive features – so what’s stopping you from doing it right away?