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The Android operating system has such an amazing user interface – it is simple as well as easy to understand and operate. This makes the Android operating system the perfect fit for people of all ages. So if you have little kids or are a student yourself, you can easily consider installing educational apps on your Android devices.

These apps list down courses of numerous fields, and all you have to do is install the app and unlock a whole new world of learning opportunities. Some of these apps are free, while you would have to pay a subscription for the others. Quite a lot of these apps are an amalgamation of both, which allows you to try the app first and then opt for the paid subscription if the app interests you. A couple of apps offer quite a few courses that are free too.

The systematic layout of these educational apps makes them all the more appealing to learn with. You can attend lectures online, raise your queries and get them clarified from professionals as well. These apps are a wholesome platform for learning and allow you to take notes and store them too. You can also submit your assignments via these apps.

You also get access to a whole range of learning material – books, ebooks, podcasts, educational videos, textbooks, guides, and other literature that would be helpful for you as you study your courses. Suitable for young and old, if you are looking to pick some skills, you definitely need to have these online educational apps on your Android device.

Check the list of the best education apps on your Android smartphone!

Udemy: One of pioneer mobile apps to offer classes. It currently lists a total of more than 32,000 courses, from science and technology to cooking and foreign languages. Some other topics include business, marketing, business, design, health and fitness, music, photography and even software training courses. The courses offer a wide variety of content quality. Some aren’t that big. Others are awesome. Free and paid courses are also available. The app is decent and includes most of the official website features.

Khan Academy: Another training platform is the Khan Academy. It provides people with a variety of classes and courses. There are currently more than 10,000 teaching videos, classes and other content. Everything is also totally free. Khan Academy is concerned with more typical learning, like mathematics, economics, history, science, etc. They also have a special application for children with a lot of the same functionality. It is certainly one of the best free apps for education. There is also a version for younger children, and we strongly recommend that.

Google Play Books: Google’s Play Books has travelled a long way from the beginning. It’s now one of the best apps for education. The topics you can buy range from fantasy and fiction to non-fiction, comic books and almost any other genre. A variety of educational books, text books, guides and other educational value literature are also available. Prices usually match other ebook platforms. It is not, however, the only available ebook platform. Then you can also try Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook for those who do not like Google Play Books.

Quora: You can also use Quora, another exciting question and Answer type app for Android. Here, people can share answers to different questions. So, in one place, you can find answers from different peoples. In your study or job, you can find questions that are different from answering. For that, you don’t have to worry anymore because Quora will provide you with Anders to those questions from people with a variety of points of view.

Byju’s: Byju’s is the most popular and the best eLearning app in India. The application mainly focuses on school students, but also includes competitive examination courses such as JEE/NEET, UPSC and Bank PO. During classes – starting at Rs3,500, students in classes 4th to 12th have a scholarship programme. BYJU also includes online classes for conceptual understanding, clearing of doubts and personalized learning.