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When you have an in-built browser where you can google everything you need to watch or listen to, why have a separate app dedicated to entertainment? – this is the question that first comes into our minds. But here’s the deal, with a separate entertainment app on your Android device, you actually get access to so many amazing features which a normal browser would not offer.

With these entertainment apps, you can watch movies, videos, and listen to the music of your choice and even download them for offline access. You can create a music library and systematically organize all your favorite songs here. You can also curate songs and videos on the basis of genres and save them for easy access.

Entertainment apps also include apps where you can create your own music or videos. These apps offer all the creative tools you need to have to create amazing videos and audio tracks by yourself. The user interface of the apps is simple, which also means you won’t have a tough time figuring out the apps.

These apps are super intuitive and offer suggestions and recommendations based on your listening and viewing preferences. The best part about these entertainment apps on your Android devices is that you can have fun even on the move – which is why you need to install one on your Android device right away.