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All iOS browsers use the same core rendering engine as Safari. While Safari is a good enough browser, there’s no harm in experimenting with other browsers which offer better features. When it comes to iOS-specific browsers, you have limited browser alternatives – and each of these offers excellent features too.

You have privacy-protecting features in these browser alternatives, which help you browse through the internet safely and securely. Some of these browsers even block ads, making your browsing experience seamless and without distractions. You can set aside your favorite sites and control the type of data you would like to view on your browser. Along with these custom features, you also have the flexibility to personalize the browser as you wish to too.

These browser alternatives are lightweight and not heavy on your system. You also wouldn’t require to introduce any system configurations as you install the browser. Further, these browsers are equipped enough to cut data usage, thus boosting your browsing speed. The browsers also feature a night-time mode, which, when activated, reduces the brightness of the browser automatically.

The browsers ensure safe and secure browsing and immediately block suspicious pop-ups. Some popular browsers also come with intuitive features as well as other essential features such as voice search, code scanner, and incognito mode. We’ve listed down all the reasons why you need to install an alternative browser right away – so go ahead, pick one that meets your requirements!