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If you’ve been using your Windows PC only for serious work like sending emails or creating spreadsheets, you are totally underestimating the fun aspect your PC has to offer! Installing the right entertainment apps is all you need to do to make your PC a lot more fun than it already is.

These entertainment apps enhance a whole range of creative options, your user experience while bringing in the fun element. So whether it’s new wallpapers, free games, or free music streaming, these apps definitely contribute to an enjoyable user experience. While some of these apps are specific to what they offer, a lot of them offer comprehensive features, which make them all the more worth the investment.

Typical entertainment apps would offer features like organizing or purchasing music, while some others would give you the option to download videos and podcasts. You can listen to tailor-made streams on these apps and get recommendations on these apps according to your preferences in what you like to listen to or watch.

However, the newer entertainment apps are a lot more than offering just one feature. With these upgraded apps, you can now access all your media from anywhere across the world and stream it over the internet as well! Some apps also enable you to search quickly, watch, share, watch and download YouTube videos.  If you’re into gaming, you also have apps that let you download and play the latest games. These also double up as great multiplayer platforms too. If you haven’t considered introducing all these fun entertainment apps in your Windows PC, it’s time to do now.