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This section is for those who use iOS-based devices and those who have transitioned to iOS from other operating systems. While the former are pretty comfortable using their iOS devices, the latter may face issues at the transitioning phase; which is why we have covered a whole range of topics to help both the categories,

As a new iOS user, you may struggle with something as basic as the installation of an app, and that’s completely normal! With the help of our articles, you can understand and figure your way out through the new operating system you have landed into. We have topics as to how to install apps, how to upgrade them, and even how to use them, so you can easily look up all the data you require.

We also have a wide range of topics for seasoned iOS users. How to track your phone if you lose it? How to unlock your phone without a passcode – we have hacks listed out for it all. These detailed articles are sure to help you out if, at all, you ever face any issue with your iOS devices.

Choosing apps that are iOS centric is important. Additionally, you also have to make sure these apps are worth installing on your devices. In this case, too, we help you out with all the information you need. You can read up these articles either to add to your knowledge or to find solutions to the issues you are facing with your devices –we have covered both aspects.

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