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Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Streaming Experience

Although States are opening slowly, many individuals are still viewing a lot of TV and movies following months of domicile orders due to the coronavirus. However, if everyone at home wants to see their own Netflix stream, particularly when someone else is calling on zoom, it’s very likely that your connection would buffer & shall affect your video quality due to divergence in the network.

A few measures may be taken in order to enhance the quality of your stream, whether it be on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or on live TV streams. But apart from choosing the right show, there are more things you can do to really enjoy the experience. In this tutorial, you can get the best streaming tips and tricks to stream programs.

So, let’s get down to these 5 suggestions which can actually work for Xbox, iPad, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Smart TV applications to make your viewing experience excellent.

Let’s Enhance Your Video Streaming Quality With Easy Tips And Tricks

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Tip 1: Use A VPN

Sometimes we wish to watch a movie that is not available in our region due to geographical restrictions. For instance, you are based in the UK and want to stream content of the USA on firestick. To do this, get a firestick VPN that will help you to stream content from different countries without much effort. There are several other benefits of having a VPN such as an encrypted network, anonymous IP, and more.

Tip 2: Move your things

By moving I didn’t mean that you need to move to another place, but moving your router can help a lot. You might be limiting the signals and speed without recognizing it, if it’s on or near the ground, in a closet, or at the far end of your house. Wi-Fi can pass through walls, however, being taller and having fewer barriers will create a difference between the router and the streamer. If the router has antennae, it will also help to place them appropriately (one vertical and one horizontal).

The other approach is to have a Wi-Fi booster or to operate a second Wi-Fi router with Ethernet. There are many possibilities outside the scope of this guide if your home is big enough.

Tip 3: Divert to Ethernet

While Wi-Fi is convenient, some networks can be extremely sluggish, particularly when several users stream at once. Ethernet is quicker and has no wall, interference, or distance problems (well, not in a house anyway). Although running cables may be unpleasant, the connection is the most dependable. It’s a nice weekend project if you’re still trapped at home.

Check your device if you wish to utilize a wire. Although the mainstreamers lack the wired Ethernet port, affordable $ 15 USB adapters are available for Google Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Streamers with built-in Ethernet, without the need for an adaptor, usually cost much more, but if you wish for a straightforward connection or prefer Roku’s system they might make sense. The Roku Ultra ($100), and Apple TV 4K ($180), are our favorite streamers with built-in Ethernet. Ethernet is also available on most smart televisions and gaming consoles.

Tip 4: Restrict the Kids

Imagine your internet as a water-filled pipe. There is only so much water that can go around. Likewise, you may not have enough data to go around if you try to stream in the living room, but the rest of the family is also trying to divert that data to their respective rooms. Following this everybody’s going to have problems.

Shifting some devices to broadband rather than WLAN may contribute to the overall performance of your home network. You may also try to download your favorite programs and cinemas on devices like phones and tablets if a balky Internet connection prevents streaming across the house.

Tip 5: Improve your web speed

This is definitely the most apparent, but when did you last think about your provider and their services? If it has been a few years, there are probably new services that can improve the internet speed considerably (maybe fiber).

A new phone company had the finest choice when I moved into my house: a very fast DSL, far better than the cable company. Now, 60% of the fee of the cable company is 6 times the speed. I saved money and raised my Internet speed considerably.

Get Best Video Streaming Tips With High-Quality Resolution


Though each streaming site has its own suggestions, you may require more than that. When you sign up for a home internet service, you choose a certain speed. That is the overall speed.

As a result, if you have many devices connected at the same time, you’ll need to share the bandwidth too. And there’s a strong chance for you to have more than one: at any given time, the average American home has over six linked gadgets. So no wonder that your streaming experience is not ideal if you haven’t considered the above tips and tricks.


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