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How Do VPNs Work And How It Useful In Your Computer?

Nov 13,2020 - (Free)

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In today’s modern world, the Cyber security is a significant priority for those who use the internet on a daily basis. While there are many methods to improve your online security, using free and the best VPN service is one of the wise investments you can make.

how do vpn works and which is the best free vpn service?

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is a program that’s used to hide your modem’s identifier, otherwise known as an IP address. Your personal information is associated with your computer’s IP address, which is why using a trusted, best free VPN service is beneficial to ensuring the safety of an individual’s information.

It’s especially important to use a VPN if you:


  • Travel
  • Utilize public Wi-Fi
  • Use online banking
  • Want to browse the internet safely and privately

Without the protection of a VPN, your information and privacy are easy for hackers to gain access to and take advantage of.


How Do VPNs Work

The best free VPN service available in the market is designed to make utilizing the web safe, private, and convenient by creating a secure connection with the service you wish to access. Any traffic between you and the sites you’re surfing will be encrypted with a VPN and therefore is rendered meaningless to anyone else, including hackers.

In simple terms, a VPN service will reroute internet traffic through its own servers to improve security as well as disguise who you are – this protects your privacy and prevents sites from discovering your location.

VPN Service

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a VPN, you should do research into the different services available, and which is the best to invest in. One of the highest-rated VPN services is ProtonVPN, located at, and it offers a VPN service which carries a 9/10 rating.

ProtonVPN is trusted by journalists, worldwide organizations, and a wide variety of individuals who seek professional internet security.

Here are some of the benefits that ProtonVPN has to offer:

  • A company track record, both with ProtonVPN and ProtonMail

Being a service that is based in Switzerland, they’re focused on individual privacy because of the kind of laws that exist in favor of that. It is due to this national mindset that the company has created a popular and positive track record for themselves.

  • Free plan option

The free plan option was created out of the belief that everyone should have access to personal privacy. That being said, there are a few features that are limited with the free plan, including only one device, servers in only three countries, and no access to the Secure Core system.

While there are limitations related to the free plan, there are positives also, including no ads, no data limits, and a solid internet speed.

  • A Secure Core feature

What is cool about the Secure Core system is that it puts data through its own Secure Core servers first, and then puts them through a second VPN server. This double-layered protection is a huge asset to ProtonVPN’s service. Additionally, since the servers are located in either Switzerland, Sweden, or Iceland they must abide by the laws of those countries which are all pro-privacy.

  • Speeds as high as 10Gbps

Depending on whether you choose the free or paid VPN service, there are speeds offered as high at 10Gbps.


ProtonVPN offers three paid plans, including basic, plus and visionary. They range from $4 a month to $24 a month, or $48 a year up to $288 a year.

Their best deal, however, is the plus plan because it offers Proton VPN’s signature features including Secure Core VPN, TOR over VPN, and the ability to access blocked content, all for a relatively affordable price. The plus plan also offers 5 VPN connections, servers in 50 countries and speeds as high as 10Gbps.

What Do VPNs Do?

VPNs serve as a first line of defense for any kind of electronic device that is connected to the internet. The encrypted tunnels that VPNs provide keep data and information that’s exchanged over the internet out of the wrong hands, and keeps your identity anonymous.

VPNs can also change your IP address, something that torrenters and TV streamers utilize in order to watch more sports or TV Shows that aren’t offered in their country of residence.


With the various options available, including reliable free versions of VPN servers, there’s no reason not to protect your privacy and safety while spending long periods of time on the internet. Purchasing a VPN is a must if you want to protect yourself from becoming an easy target for hackers.



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