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TikTok: You Are Visiting Too Frequently – Suggested Solutions

One of the biggest and most well-known social media platforms available today is TikTok. Every day, millions of people all over the world create entertaining and interesting content, and some even make a living off of TikTok.

Due to this, it may be upsetting or even startling to see the TikTok message that reads, “You are visiting our service too frequently.” Users won’t be able to access their accounts because the error will appear during the login process.

It doesn’t matter if you try logging in with a different account because TikTok essentially prevents a certain IP address from accessing the service. We’ll discuss the causes of this and solutions to help

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What Does “Visiting Too Frequently” Error Mean in TikTok

While various actions may trigger TikTok to show this message on the screen, the reason why this happens – spam prevention – is always the same.

The anti-spam protocols in the app can be activated by specific actions, which prevent users from accessing their accounts. It’s TikTok’s method of lowering spammy likes, comments, and accounts.

The only issue is that TikTok isn’t always right on this matter, which leads some users to believe that their inability to log in is being applied unfairly. Before discussing how to resolve this problem and even stop it from happening in the future, let’s first examine what causes this error in the first place.

You’re Logging in Too Fast

Imagine that you repeatedly signed in and out of your TikTok account 20 times. The message “You are visiting our service too frequently” would probably appear on the screen as a result of that.

This would be flagged by the TikTok anti-spam system as being unusual activity. There is no way for you to access your account once you encounter this error on the login page.

You were previously able to watch random TikTok videos before the login attempt, but you no longer have access to that feature.

You’ve Created Too Many Accounts

Creating an excessive number of accounts on a single device is another undesirable activity, according to TikTok. Basically, logging in will likely be blocked if you access more than one account per day.

If you’re creating an account using a public IP address, you might even see this message right away. TikTok will probably block the IP address if you create accounts on unsafe networks or have too many accounts.

You Are Using an Emulator

TikTok login won’t work if you’re using an Android emulator for PC (like BlueStacks). When it comes to gaming, these emulators are convenient and safe to use, but TikTok will register them as third-party apps and treat you like a bot. Therefore, trying to sign into TikTok via an emulator might unfortunately land you in trouble with the platform for a while.

Recommended Solutions to Fix the “Visiting Too Frequently” Error

When TikTok presents you with this dreaded message, it might seem like it’s the end of the world. You cannot enter the site, and you keep finding yourself at the same login screen with the unwanted message in red font, to remind you of its importance. However, there are a few workaround solutions you can try.

Use a Different Device

It might seem obvious to start with this approach, but that’s only because it is. Use a different phone to access your TikTok account if you have one or can borrow one.

It’s not a long-term fix, but if you need to access your TikTok right away and time is of the essence, it might work.

Switch the Networks

Another super-easy way to get around the TikTok block is to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile internet or vice versa. Remember, TikTok has blocked your IP address, and you need to use a different one to gain access to your account.

This approach works because the IP address assigned to your device via Wi-Fi connectivity is different from the IP address that gives you cellular connectivity.

So, if you’ve encountered the error while connected to Wi-Fi, make sure to turn it off. Most devices have a designated Wi-Fi on/off switch on the home screen.

The same applies if you’re unable to sign into TikTok with a mobile data connection. Make sure to find a reliable Wi-Fi source and try again.

Use a VPN Service

Utilizing a Virtual Private Network is one of the most effective ways to mask your IP address (VPN.) Some users might find this to be particularly helpful, especially if they plan to visit nations where TikTok is prohibited or heavily restricted.

You’d be better off paying for a reliable VPN instead of using a free VPN service, though. When you do, be sure to install the VPN app on your phone and access TikTok using a different IP address.

Reboot Your Router

There is another solution you can try if you don’t want to pay for a VPN, don’t have access to another device, or insist on using TikTok over a Wi-Fi connection.

Rebooting your router will provide you with a new IP if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers dynamic IP. While some ISPs offer static IPs, which remain the same over time, others let you switch them.

Reaching out and asking is the most reliable way to learn what kind of IP your Internet Service Provider uses. Even better, you might be able to ask for a dynamic IP for your home internet.

So, before logging back into TikTok if you have a dynamic IP, be sure to properly reboot the router and modem. This is how you do it:

  • Unplug both your router and modem.

Unplug both your router and modem.

  • Wait around 30-60 seconds.
  • Plug in the modem.
  • Wait at least another minute.
  • Plugin the router now.
  • Wait between 60-120 seconds.

Now, try signing into TikTok, and hopefully, the issue is resolved.

Send an Appeal to TikTok

You can challenge TikTok’s claim that you’ve visited the app too frequently if you think it’s incorrect. This is how:

  • From the login screen, tap on the question mark button in the top right corner.

From the login screen, tap on the question mark button in the top right corner.

  • From the list of options, select “Other” at the very bottom.

From the list of options, select “Other” at the very bottom.

  • You’ll see the “Still have a problem?” message. Write in your issue and attach any screenshots you might have.

You’ll see the “Still have a problem?” message. Write in your issue and attach any screenshots you might have.

TikTok will look at your appeal and decide if your IP was blocked unjustly.

Or You Can Wait

The choice to do nothing is also an option. Take a break from the site and wait to see if TikTok allows access if they notice spam-like activity on your end.

You won’t be able to access your TikTok account from your device for an undetermined amount of time—it could be anything from a day to two weeks.


In comparison to some other social media platforms, TikTok is stricter about user behavior and has experienced its fair share of controversies. Even if it wasn’t your intention, the anti-spam system will flag some actions as problematic.

Having too many accounts on one device and frequently logging in and out will get you in trouble with TikTok. Additionally, the platform forbids the use of emulators, so be sure to stay away from them.

Users who receive the error message “You are visiting our service too frequently” can reset their routers, change networks, use different devices, and even get a trustworthy VPN. There are numerous choices; it all depends on which ones suit you best.



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