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Esports, otherwise known as competitive gaming, is huge nowadays. No matter where you look, evidence of its ascendancy is apparent. From high profile licensing deals with the world’s largest brands— including Nike and Coca Cola — to the fact that OddsChecker, which compares odds and provides offers on leading esports events, cites the sector as the fastest growing in the sports betting industry today. The consumer interest in betting and corporate interest in sponsorship demonstrates the rise of of esports.

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With so much interest, people are eager to get in on the action, but it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, there are several hoops you must jump through first before you’re ready to dive into a ranked match of CS:GO or League of Legends. For one, you need to ensure your hardware is up to the task. It’s also crucial that you have access to a high quality, low latency internet connection.

And once all of that is taken care of, it’s a good idea to avail yourself of the latest and greatest esports-adjacent software to speed you up on your way. Below we’re going to take a rundown of the killer apps any esports hopeful needs if they want to dive into all that this scene has to offer in 2023.


Discord is an enormous platform nowadays. Microsoft’s failed bid to purchase this text and voice messaging service for a reported $10 billion back in 2021 is clear evidence of this fact. Discord offers users the ability to build highly customizable servers consisting of different chat rooms assigned to chosen topics. For this reason, it has become popular outside of the gaming community. But make no mistake, Discord is first and foremost a gaming app. It is designed to help clans, guilds and teams coordinate their activities, often in real-time thanks to its robust voice channel support.


Widely considered to be the leading gaming tournament manager, Battlefy connects esports gamers with tournaments, as well as giving them the tools they need to create, organize and promote their own events. This makes it an indispensable app for esports gamers looking to earn their stripes in competitive play.

OBS Studio

A big part of the modern esports community is streaming and video capture. While not everyone wants to go live on Twitch, the ability to capture in-game footage is extremely useful to players. Of course, it’s fun to be able to relive your glorious victories and memorable kills, but there are also more meaningful benefits on offer. Being able to review footage can help you analyze your gameplay, which is a crucial component of skill development in any sport.



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