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How Long Can Tik Tok Videos Be?

You’re not the only one who is new to TikTok. Despite having hundreds of millions of users already, new people are joining the social network every day. Download. zone has a ton of TikTok content to help you on your way if you’re running behind and want to catch up. We are discussing videos today. How long they can be, how to create one, and which video formats are the most popular on the platform.

A Chinese-owned company changed the app’s name from to TikTok. The short video app, also known as Douyin in China, was similar to its predecessor but has developed into something much bigger and more interesting.

How long are TikTok videos?

The company behind it changed the app’s name from to TikTok and raised the maximum length of a video from 6 seconds to 15 seconds. Then, you can combine four videos for a total of 60 seconds. Short entertainment bursts that are perfect for mobile consumption make it the pinnacle of instant gratification. This, along with the high caliber of the available content, is what draws users to TikTok.

You must record and upload longer videos on your phone or computer instead of using TikTok if you need your videos to be longer. The limit remains at 15 seconds with a 60-second total, despite what appears to have been attempts to make videos longer.

Other benefits of recording videos on your computer will be covered in a moment.

How do you make a TikTok video?

Making a video itself is much, much easier than thinking of something intriguing to include in it. It only takes a few seconds to start making content for the app once you have both the app and an account.

  • Open the app and hit the ‘+’ sign at the bottom.
  • Hit the red record button when you’re ready to begin recording your video.
  • When complete, you can add music or effects as a layer to create your video.
  • Select Post when you’re happy.

You might want to add music first if you’re making a lip sync video so that you can sync. If you go out before posting, you can adjust the timing after your video has been added as a layer. Under Beauty, there is an effects option with useful items that can remove blemishes or dark spots. If you want to add filters, effects, or other cool stuff, those options are available as well.


If you add filters or effects, you must choose to Save once finished and before posting; otherwise, all of your hard work will be lost. Once you’re satisfied with everything and have added any hashtags, click Post to go live.


What types of videos are popular on TikTok?

Lip sync videos became the most popular video type as TikTok replaced Even though it is no longer the only type of video, it is still the most common. Many of the top influencers provide fashion or beauty advice, comedic sketches, or just general conversation. The majority of the top users will also have a sizable collection of music or lip sync videos.

Lip syncing, fashion, hair, general advice, comedy, interviews, and reviews are the most popular types of videos. Out of all of those, lip-syncing and music continue to rule supreme. There are worse places to start if you want to quickly gain followers.

The demographic must be taken into account if you want to succeed. Teens are the target audience for TikTok, and they make up the majority of its users. Any video geared toward a teen audience should therefore do well.

Do you have to create videos using the TikTok app?

You don’t have to use the TikTok app to easily create and post videos. If you have studio-quality equipment or a studio, you can use that to record your video and upload it to TikTok if you’d like. This gives you a ton of options for making videos on your computer and simultaneously uploading them to various platforms.

Most powerful influencers will take this action. Publish a video, add images to it on Instagram and Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube, and include a link on Facebook and Twitter. You must follow suit if you want to increase the audience for your video.


Making videos on TikTok is a simple process. It’s much more challenging to come up with fresh and inventive ideas for what to include in those videos. If you’re a new user, I advise taking some time to simply observe what other users are doing and starting there. Although using leading influencers as an example is a great place to start, you’ll probably want to go in your own direction eventually.



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