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VidCoder Video Converter Software For Windows Download 6.42

Feb 25,2019 - RandomEngy (Free)

24.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

VidCoder rips and allows video trans-coding of DVD/Blu-ray discs. Running on the HandBrake encoding engine, it can contain MP4 and MKV video files and encode H.264 with x264, one of the best video codecs.

This is an open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. It can rip DVDs but does not defeat the CSS encryption found in most commercial DVDs.

It uses the HandBrake library and it has a richer user interface compared to the official Handbrake GUI.


You don’t need to install HandBrake in order to use VidCoder.

The first advantage offered by this application is the intuitive, simple interface that allows you to choose between the drag and drop option and the browse button for adding files.

Further easiness of use is ensured by the batch processing functionality; you can encode multiple video files at the same time.

It comes with a set of advanced features. It is multi-threaded, it performs H.264 encoding using x264, the best video encoder in the world, it has decomb, detelecine, and deinterlaces filters, it can pause or resume encoding and it creates small encoded preview clips.

Advanced users have the possibility of setting video parameters as they wish (video codec, framerate, quality, etc.)

VidCoder For WindowsVidCoder Video Converter Software Features

  • Multi-threaded
  • MP4, MKV containers
  • Completely integrated encoding pipeline: everything is in one process and no huge intermediate temporary files
  • H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP8, Theora video
  • Hardware-accelerated encoding with AMD VCE, Nvidia NVENC, and Intel QuickSync
  • AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3, FLAC audio encoding, and AAC/AC3/MP3/DTS/DTS-HD passthrough
  • Target bitrate, size, or quality for video
  • 2-pass encoding
  • Decomb, detelecine, deinterlace, rotate, reflect filters
  • Powerful batch encoding
  • Instant source previews
  • Creates small encoded preview clips
  • Pause, resume encoding

Prerequisites of VidCoder:

You’ll need .NET 4.7.1. If you don’t have it, VidCoder will prompt you to download and install it. If you’re on the latest Windows 10 you shouldn’t need to install anything; it has .NET 4.7.1 pre-installed.

System requirements of VidCoder

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Vidcoder For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

VidCoder Software
Version Name 6.42
File Size 16 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer RandomEngy


Vidcoder is a video ripper and transcoder that works with both DVDs and video files. It’s light, packed full of configuration options and in all, a pleasure to use.


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