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Staxrip Video Encoder Software For Windows Download

Jun 13,2020 - StaxRip Team (Free)

194 MB (Safe & Secure)

Do you want to rip video content from your Blu-ray discs or DVDs? If so, you can do this with an innovative tool called StaxRip. It features a series of demuxers, muxers, encoders, and decoders which make ripping movies possible. Not only that, but you can convert the ripped content into a variety of different formats. Choose a format that is user-friendly to the device you want to play it on, such as Xbox, iPhone or PC. So you can use this video encoder for Windows software.

The only features you need on your device are .NET Framework and DirectX. The files of StaxRip can be extracted to any folder. Just run the executable file in the folder to get started. It can be run the app from any storage area, whether it’s from your hard drive disk or pen drive.  The great thing about this app is that it won’t alter the Windows registry whatsoever.

Staxrip Software Free Download

StaxRip Video Encoder For Windows Features

General Features

  • Support for a wide variety of formats and tools
  • Batch Processing
  • Cut/Trim feature, for MKV output it works even in Copy/Mux mode, no re-encoding required
  • Minimal user interaction required due to rich configuration and automation features
  • Macro system to be used in scripts and command lines, this enables a design that allows to change any setting at any time which is much more flexible and powerfull than a design that requires to perform one step after another
  • The job list can be processed with multiple StaxRip instances in parallel for maximum performance using modern CPUs
  • Video and multiple audio tracks can be processed in parallel for maximum performance with modern hardware
  • Support for an unlimited amount of audio and subtitle tracks
  • Automatic and manual update check
  • Powerfull media info using the worlds best media info frontend MediaInfo.NET which includes a folder view to show media info for a folder in a grid view
  • Powerfull media preview using the worlds best media player mpv(.net)
  • Support via forum and issue tracker
  • Easy to use and feature rich crop dialog with hardware acceleration
  • Auto crop
  • Powerfull resize and aspect ratio related features with auto detection
  • Thumbnail generation tools
  • Full access and control to underlying tools with full support for command line and script editing to leverage the full potential of the tools
  • Container and hardcoded subtitles
  • Clean and easy to read log file and dedicated log file viewer to easily navigate the processing steps
  • Video comparison tool to compare multiple videos
  • The processing window can be minimized to the system tray
  • For all essential console tools such as x265 and mkvmerge there is a built-in command line preview either directly integrated in the dialog or via menu showable

Staxrip Video Encode

Tool Management

  • Powerful tool management dialog
  • 200 tools included
  • Tools are searchable
  • Custom paths can be defined or removed
  • Custom paths can be defined using the powerful search and index tool void tools Everything
  • Tool overview either as CSV file opened in (MS) Office or using PowerShell Out-GridView which supports a powerful search and filter feature
  • Feature to open the folder of a tool or start the tool including console tools showing the help
Video encoder


  • Preprocessing steps such as demuxing is fully customizable with custom command lines
  • Demuxers: mkvextract, MP4Box, ffmpeg, eac3to
  • Demuxing GUI for mkvextract, MP4Box, ffmpeg and eac3to to define which tracks should be demuxed
  • Automatic demuxing mode to automatically demux everything
  • Automatic indexing with DGIndex, DGIndexNV, ffms2 and L-Smash-Works

Projects, Templates, Profiles

  • AviSynth and VapourSynth video filter plugins that are not included can be used by adding custom filter profiles
  • Customizable video filter profiles that can be enabled via context menu
  • Project system that automatically saves encoding settings for a particular source file
  • Previously encoded projects can be found in a Recent menu to encode them again with different settings, encoded audio and video of previous runs can be reused or overwritten
  • Project templates for different types of sources, a startup template can be defined to customize the startup settings
  • Profile system for video filter profiles, video encoder profiles, audio encoding profiles, muxing profiles, filter setup (full script) profiles
  • Project options used by projects and project templates and also separate global settings

Video Processing

  • Video editing using classic AviSynth and next-generation VapourSynth, both equally well supported and everything like QTGMC just works out of the box effortlessly
  • A large amount of included AviSynth and VapourSynth plugins, overall 200 tools included
  • Code editor to enable full control over AviSynth and VapourSynth, everything that is possible with AviSynth and VapourSynth is also possible with StaxRip
  • Code preview to preview the code generated for AviSynth and VapourSynth
  • Built-in hardware-accelerated video preview and preview via MPV(.net) and MPC-BE/MPC-HC
  • Built-in script info to show script parameters like framerate and advanced script preview using various external tools like AVSMeter
  • External AviSynth (.avs) and VapourSynth (.vpy) scripts can be opened/imported
  • Automatic import of (VUI) color metadata
  • Full high bit depth and HDR support
  • Compressibility check
  • It can be customized which source filters should be used for different formats



  • Hardware encoding for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA
  • All classic and modern video encoders are fully supported: XviD, x264, x265, Rav1e, SVT-AV1, NVEnc, QSVEnc, VCEEnv, ffmpeg
  • Audio encoders: eac3to, qaac, fdkaac, ffmpeg
  • Popular encoders such as x265 and NVEnc have almost 100% GUI support meaning almost all available command-line switches are supported
  • This Video encoder for Windows software open dialogs are searchable to quickly find options in a drop-down and search field
  • Video encoder for Windows Software provide dialogs have a command line preview, this preview has a context menu that allows to quickly find GUI options for command line switches
  • Generic audio and video command line based encoder to integrate any encoder that isn’t already built-in
  • Parallel audio video encoding
  • Parallel junk encoding for x265


  • MKV output using mkvmerge
  • MP4 output using MP4Box
  • ffmpeg supporting various container formats
  • Copy/Mux modes for audio and video plain re-muxing without encoding
  • Cut/Trim feature for MKV output that works even in Copy/Mux mode, no re-encoding required

Power User

  • Event Command feature that allows to assign custom commands to various events for instance to execute custom command lines on given events
  • Scriptable via PowerShell
  • Customizable main menu and context menus
  • A PowerShel terminal can be shown with support for the new Windows Terminal, this terminal has a special environment for easy access of included console tools, all macros are available as environment variables in this terminal and in all features that allow to define custom command lines.

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Choose the Output Profile
The StaxRip Video Encoder For Windows interface doesn’t look like anything special. The appearance is fairly standard, so it’ll be easy to figure out. You first choose the output profile, such as XviD, Xbox 360, WebM, PS3, iPhone, iPad, DivX Plus, or x264. Each profile template is designed with enhanced settings to accommodate the playback for that specific device. Alternatively, the encoding mode can be selected between a reduced file size with poorer video quality or a greater file size with the better video quality.

On the upside, each setting can be customized if you want. Just choose the appropriate image filters, such as resize, noise, crop borders, and deinterlace, and the height and width of the resolution. In addition, choose the targeted device that you will be using and the quality level that you want.

Ripping the Movie Content
The app allows you to rip movie content from DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or Blu-ray folders. Just use the MakeMV feature to do this. And if you have ordinary video files in formats like .mov, .avi, or .mpg, you can convert them too. This can be done via batch mode or from the folders or directories which contain those video clips. And if you want to merge several videos into one file, you can do that as well.

Rip video to audio file

When you’re working on a project in the app, you can save the project as its own file. Then you can just open the file to resume your project at any time. Media files can be previewed, batch executions of multiple tasks can be conducted, and you can manage encoders, decoders, demuxers, muxers, and filters. You can even change the expert settings of paths, subtitles, audio, images, filters, reminders, and compressibility checks.

System Requirements

Framework .NET Framework 4.6.1
Processor Intel Skylake CPU for HEVC/H.265 hardware encoding
Hardware encoder NVIDIA Maxwell gen2 card for HEVC/H.265 hardware encoding
Java Java for ProjectX in case MPEG-2 files are opened
AviSynth AviSynth+ x64, the installer is bundled with StaxRip x64
Python Python x64 in case VapourSynth x64 is used

Staxrip Software Overview

Staxrip Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name StaxRip Software For Windows V
File Size 194 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Opensource
Developer StaxRip Team


StaxRip Video Encoder for Windows software was swift in fulfilling conversion tasks and it didn’t cause the operating system to create error dialogs or have symptoms of hanging or crashing. The tool’s biggest disadvantage is that it’s geared more toward advanced users rather than novices. But if you want a powerful movie ripper tool, then you’ll find great strength in this one.


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