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MUMU App Player Android Emulator For Windows Download 1.1.13

Aug 27,2021 - NetEase, Inc. (Free)

7.41 MB (Safe & Secure)

MuMu is a free Android Emulator with a fully-featured Android operating system that allows PC users of all knowledge levels to get the Android OS up and running as a windowed or full-screen app straight on the desktop of their PC.

Optimized for accuracy, speed, and stability, the Mumu android emulator allows anyone to experience Android OS applications of all types, including fully 3D rendered video games with complex control schemes and online multiplayer. In fact, this emulator prides itself on being one of the most optimized gaming emulators on the market, and a perfect companion to all PC gamers who want to experience Android games on their desktop or laptop PC configurations.

Mumu Player comes in a lightweight installer that will prepare everything needed for getting Android OS ready for emulation. Users only need to follow few simple on-screen instructions before they are allowed to jump into the Android OS experience which is optimized for PC use.

MUMU Android Emulator For Windows Download

The emulation is by default running in tablet mode (although vertical mode is recommended for some titles), with a built-in Android mod that promotes easier use of keyboard and mouse accessories (such as an active taskbar with many useful shortcuts, large desktop icons, and more).

The emulator comes bundled with several gaming titles, but it also allows users to easily add more games and apps via the integrated app store. Users can also install Google apps, and therefore get access to the full Play Store experience, where all modern and up-to-date titles are being offered to any user with an active Google account. APK execution is of course fully present, games can be switched from windowed to full-screen mode, advanced features such as GPS function, screenshot capture tool, and user-selectable resolution are also present.

Gaming support in the MuMu app includes automatic detection of gamepads, fully customizable bindings for keyboard and mouse, ability to set the active resolution and allocated RAM size, and more. Even fully 3D games and fast-paced online action titles run great in this Android emulator, giving users a chance to enjoy some of the largest Android titles that range from FPS shooters, large RPG games, all the way to fun puzzles and simulations games.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Easy and simple to use. Basic level features.
Faster loading. Requires internet for installation.
Supports Google Play Store.
Keyboard and mouse support.
Based on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).


MUMU Free Android Emulator For PC Features

  • Keyboard mapping
  • Gamepad controls can be imported and exported
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Virtual machine Hyper-V
  • High definition Big Screen
  • Android 6 (Marshmallow)
  • Easy and simple to use

Screenshots of Mumu Free Android Emulator For PC 

Video Tutorial of MUMU Free Android Emulator For PC 

MUMU Android Emulator English Version

MUMU App Player FAQs

How Mumu Player Is Better Than Bluestacks And Memu Player?

Honestly, it is NOT better but lighter than most of the emulators, just like the Nox app player.


How To Hide And Show Key Mapping In The Emulator

After setting the mouse and keyboard, if you need to show/hide the buttons, you can hide the set keys by clicking the “F12” button on the keyboard, or you can click the mouse and keyboard buttons in the navigation bar under the emulator to set.


How To Import Files From The Computer To The Emulator

Pictures, videos, e-books, etc. can be transferred to the simulator in the following ways:

  • First step is to click the “Share File” button at the bottom of the simulator to open the MuMu shared folder.
  • Second step is to copy and paste the files that need to be imported into the MuMu shared folder.
  • Third step is to open the gallery to see if you can find the above pictures or videos, or directly open the APP you need to use to find the uploaded file. If you can find it, the import is successful; if you can’t find it, please restart the emulator and check again.
  • Fourth step:  is to directly find the corresponding file in the APP that you need to use. Pay special attention: when you want to upload a video to TikTok, you need a computer to connect to the camera before you can publish the video.


How To Install MUMU App Player?

Simply open the setup file (you just downloaded) and installer will start. The installer is pretty charming with minimal design.

You must have your computer connected to internet to perform installation. The installer you download is very small (7MB approximately) and rest of data is downloaded during installation.

Essentially, the first installation screen shows following elements:

  • License agreement acceptance [checkbox]
    You must accept agreement license, otherwise the installation will not start.
  • NemuBox installation [checkbox]
    NemuBox is an open source software based on VirtualBox. This is also mandatory to install this software in order to make MuMu work. Disabling this checkbox will show an error message and installation will not start.
  • Customize installation
    Custom install lets you change installation folder, add a shortcut bar and create a desktop shortcut of MuMu emulator.
  • Quick install button
    pressing this button will start the installation right away.

The rest of the installation processes is almost automatic and runs smoothly. Though the setup completes the installation step by step, it is unattended installation and does not prompt the user to input any data.


The following elements will download/install respectively during installation:

  1. Download Vbox
  2. Download MuMu
  3. Install Vbox (VirtualBox)
  4. Install MuMu
  5. Install complete (finalize installation)

You can pause/resume the download and installation as well.


MUMU Free Android Emulator For PC Overview

Technical Specification

MUMU Free Android Emulator For Windows
Version 1.1.13
File Size 7.41 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer NetEase, Inc.


Mumu app player is an interesting choice and does function for the most part. However accessing settings was a chore and the ability to access the App center was not possible, so Google Play was fully functional and so is accessing a Google account.


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