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Elementary OS – Open Source Operating System For PC 5.1 Hera

Aug 27,2021 - Elementary, Inc. (Free)

1.49 MB (Safe & Secure)

Elementary OS is a free, open-source operating system made by the community that is based on Ubuntu OS. This highly customizable OS lets users of all skill levels get a stable, fast, and Ubuntu LTS-compatible experience on desktop and laptop PCs, with a wide range of pre-installed apps and services that are used in many daily tasks at home, school, and work.

It has its own theme, icons, applications, services, and GNOME desktop environment, all of which can be changed a lot. This is similar to how many other Linux-based operating systems try to be perfect. And because it only needs a few resources, this OS can give a lot of older PCs a new lease on life by giving them a modern, stable, safe, and very reliable operating system that won’t crash or be targeted by malicious software.

Similarly like many other Linux-based distributions, Elementary OS can be installed on modern PCs via 32-bit and 64-bit live DVD ISO images, enabling users to use this OS even without installing the entire operating system to the local storage. For faster and more streamlined use, users are recommended to load the live OS environment direct from fast USB flash drive.

Elementary OS For PC Download

Upon the first start, users have the option to check the PC environment by testing the core hardware, and then decide whether or not they want to install this OS on the local drive. The automated procedure of starting the live OS is simple and requires users to simply don’t touch the keyboard until OS gets up and running.

Once up and running, users can start exploring the OS interface that consists of a top panel with few shortcuts to important system services, an application launcher (dock) at the bottom of the screen, and a large desktop surface.

The OS comes with numerous preinstalled apps such as web browser (Midori), file manager (Nautilus), multi-protocol instant messenger (Empathy), archive manager (File Roller), email client (Gearz), disk partition editor, movie player, document viewer, image viewer, text editor, and many others. Of course, many other Linux LTS-compatible apps can be added to the OS via the integrated ed Software Center tool that can easily download new apps or update existing ones.

Elementary Open Source Operating System Features

  • Dark Style & Accent Color: elementary OS approaches the dark style theme similar to how mainstream options work, as an opt-in preference. You get to choose it from the Welcome screen right after you install elementary OS 6. While the addition of a dark mode may sound like something minor, they seem to have put a great deal of effort to provide a consistent dark mode experience overall. All the first-party applications seamlessly support both the dark style and light theme.
  • Improved Notifications & Redesigned Notification Center: The notifications now support icon badges and action buttons, which should make up for a better experience. This could let you quickly open links, mark a message read, along with several other possibilities.
  • Online Account: Finally, with elementary OS 6, you will be able to add online accounts from the system settings. Once signed in, your data will sync across the system apps wherever supported (like Calendar, Tasks). It should also show up in the system tray notifications.
  • First-Party Flatpak Apps & Permissions View: To improve privacy and security across the platform, elementary OS 6 chose the Flatpak-first approach. the elementary OS now has its own AppCenter Flatpak repository. Some of the default applications come baked in as Flatpak packages and all the applications listed in AppCenter are available as Flatpaks as well.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures: For Laptop and touchpad users, the new multi-touch gestures are going to come in extremely handy. From accessing the multitasking view to navigating through the workspaces, you can do it all using multi-touch gestures. Not just limited to certain functions on the desktop, you can interact with notifications, swipe through applications, and can have a seamless system-wide experience with the new multi-touch gestures.
  • Firmware Updates App: You can get the latest firmware updates for supported devices without fiddling with any other settings. Just look for the “Firmware” application from the menu to get started.
  • Improved Desktop Workflow & Screenshot Utility: The multitasking view now helps you clearly distinguish among multiple active windows. And the hot corners view lets you move the window to a new workspace and maximize the window as well. The screenshot utility can be moved around in the window, not just stuck to the center of the window. You can also drag and drop the image from the preview without needing to save it.

System Requirements

Processor Recent Intel i3 or comparable dual-core 64-bit processor.
Memory 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
Storage Space A solid-state drive (SSD) with 15 GB of free space.
Network Connection Required Internet access.
Display Resolution 1024×768 minimum resolution display.
Additional Information Built-in or wired mouse/touchpad and keyboard.


Screenshots of Elementary OS For PC Download

Elementary OS 6 Odin Introduction

Elementary OS 6 Complete Tutorial

Elementary OS For PC Overview

Technical Specification

Elementary OS Download
Version 6.0
File Size 1.49 GB
Languages English
License Open Source
Developer Elementary, Inc.


Elementary OS is an open-source operating system and provides extraordinary levels of functionality to all PC users. Getting a new Linux OS up and running on any PC with a live session loaded directly from a DVD or USB drive was never easier.


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