Go Keyboard For Android App Download

Go Keyboard is the best alternative to a typical Free Android Keyboard App Download with several extraordinary features. It enables you to improve your typing and work. Serves its users free of cost with a lot of colorful themes, interesting Emoji, and layouts. Give a sharp and fast typing.

GO Keyboard is one of the best and most complex apps you can find on the market. It virtually has everything you need to customize the app and add plugins to make it even more complex.

Go Keyboard App Free Download

Firstly, you’ll need to pick the language packages that you want to download to your phone. You can also check out the sore filled with themes and pick the ones that you want to try out.

Technical Specification

Application Name Go Keyboard App For Android V 3.60
File Size 34.7 MB
Languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
License Free
Developer  GOMO

Download Android App For Your DeviceDownload Go Keyboard App For Android

Brand New Animation Theme

Main Features of Go Keyboard Apk

  • An alternative of a typical keyboard
  • Offers a large variety of Emoji
  • Use fancy stickers
  • Use different stylish fonts, themes, and layouts
  • Privacy and security saver
  • The auto setting of wallpapers
  • Supports multi-languages
  • Word prediction
  • Use dictionaries of different languages

Galaxy Neon Theme For PC

Other Features of Android Keyboard App Download

Free Emoji: A large variety of Emoji Arts enables you to express your feelings. The Emoji arts are 1000 times better and fonts are also available. Fancy stickers also help you to show your feelings.

Auto Setting of Wallpapers: Take a photo of your album and make it keyboard wallpaper.

Privacy and Security: You need not enter any of your personal data for getting the services of the Go keyboard.

Support Multi-languages: The app supports a lot of languages that enable users of different countries to use it easily. Just write the words and change them by tapping the button. It a free to use Android Keyboard which is available this app download on Google Play Store.

Word Prediction: The keyboard identifies the most used words and helps you to write faster by writing its first letter. This will increase your writing skills.

Use of Dictionary: Go keyboard offers dictionaries of different languages for knowing the meaning of any word in any language.

Use Layouts: It offers a lot of layouts——-QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ keyboard, and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablets.

This Android Keyboard App actually scans the font used by other applications installed on your device and gives you the possibility to use one of those fonts when you input text. You can also enable sounds and pick from one of the many suggestions provided inside the app.

You can enable sound or vibration on keypress and adjust the volume to meet your preferences. The app also lets you adjust key height and font, together with a keypress popup. Gestures and effects are also available, the app lets you slide the keyboard in order to add text and it also comes with many effects for achieving that.

Pros And Cons of Go Keyboard

Pros Cons
Solid performance Prediction system not very good
Two input modes Still, room to improve its Swype input
Multiple configuration options


The average rating of the app is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Available in English with 34 versions for downloading. This app gives you the best customize theme option that gives you an impressive look and easy to use.

Download Android App For Your DeviceDownload Go Keyboard App For Android


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