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How To Get A Verified Checkmark In TikTok

If you’ve been using TikTok for a while, you may have noticed that some users’ profiles no longer display the small crown icon. That’s because verified checkmarks, like those on Twitter, have taken the place of these crowns. Crowns on TikTok were merely artifacts from’s past and have since been eliminated.

How Do I Get Verified in TikTok?

For the verified badge, you cannot apply, in contrast to other platforms. You’ll automatically get the badge once TikTok staff members find your account and confirm that it complies with the verification requirements. Verified users typically fall into one of three groups:

  • The user is immensely popular on the site, serving as a content creator that makes a big mark on TikTok’s platform in one way or another.
  • The user is someone of note, including actual pop stars and musicians that happen to be on the platform.
  • They have been chosen by the staff and support team at TikTok as someone who requires verification or as someone who has shown their dedication to creating content of note on the site.

Verified in TikTok

You should work to increase your popularity and followers on TikTok in order to get verified, but that isn’t the only factor.

Here are three tips for becoming verified on TikTok.

Work hard to create good content

With videos frequently appearing on the app’s main feed, TikTok is still young enough for almost anyone to emerge from the shadows and become the next big thing. All you require is a little talent and a lot of effort.

With videos frequently appearing on the app's main feed, TikTok is still young enough for almost anyone to emerge from the shadows and become the next big thing. All you require is a little talent and a lot of effort.

How do we interpret this?

Simple: TikTok users are constantly looking for fresh content to follow. Due to the relatively brief average length of a TikTok video, it is not surprising that users are constantly looking for new content.

What does that mean to you, then?

If you’re willing to learn the fundamentals and sophisticated techniques of producing a standout TikTok video and you do this consistently for a sufficient amount of time, you’re bound to start getting noticed.

Of course, there are ways to quickly gain attention, so we move on to step two.

Follow users to gain more followers

The short version is that once you have content that is not only respectable but also effectively displays your talents, you can use the app’s follow feature to attract the attention of new users. You can read the full article on how to increase your TikTok following here.

We advise creating ten effective TikTok videos. Don’t be afraid to experiment or think outside the box, and give them your best effort.

Once you’ve done that, you can start looking for new users using the app’s home page. Refresh your feed to see any new clips that have been posted by well-known or perhaps even crowned TikTok users. Then, search through the comments on those videos to find mentions of individuals who value the information that user has posted.

When you locate a comment that was just posted, click on the account to add that profile to your list of people you are following. Many users will be curious to visit your page when they receive a notification that you have followed them, and given that you already have a number of excellent TikTok clips posted on your account, you are probably going to receive a follow in return.

Follow users to gain more followers

Some people won’t follow you back. The main thing to remember in this situation is to try your best to persevere and not give up. Users of TikTok are frequently ravenous for fresh material and new creators. If your videos are quality and you continue to use this method of gaining followers, you’ll soon start to build a following.

Use the right gear—and the right songs

Make sure your TikTok videos are as good as they possibly can be if you’re having trouble gaining a following.

Examine the location first before you begin filming. Look around you to make sure you have a lovely backdrop, whether it’s outside or inside your home. Make sure to clean up your room before filming there. Nobody wants to watch a video that is set in a disorganized bedroom.

It’s alright if you don’t have a phone holder nearby. You might want to look into one of the many smartphone tripods that are offered on Amazon instead. The majority of them are universal and can be purchased for your smartphone for just $10 to $15, like this one right here.

Use the right gear—and the right songs

To find songs that are currently popular, you can also search the menu and peruse the Billboard Hot 100.

To find songs that are currently popular, you can also search the menu and peruse the Billboard Hot 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a verified checkmark on TikTok?

No, and to make it more unfortunate for those seeking the coveted badge, TikTok doesn’t reveal their exact algorithm for assigning one.

Is a popular creator badge the same thing as a verified checkmark?

No, they don’t even go hand-in-hand; some users will get the Popular Creator Badge before they ever get the checkmark. People who get the former are very active on the platform and receive lots of comments on their videos.

How many likes does it take to get verified?

No one knows really, the best we can ascertain is those who are verified have reached the attention of TikTok’s developers and therefore earned the checkmark.

I found a site that says they can get me verified, can they?

The quick response is no.

Despite several websites appearing in Google search results that claim to be able to grant you TikTok verification, there is currently no website on the internet that can do so. The truth is that only TikTok staff and support teams have the authority to award a crown to a profile they deem deserving or essential to prevent fake listings, similar to how verification works on Twitter or Instagram.

Additionally, these websites frequently employ phishing techniques to trick you into providing your login details. Naturally, this could result in account compromise and loss of access to all of your content. As a result, you should be careful to stay away from any websites or users who offer to assist you in becoming verified on TikTok.

I found a site that says they can get me verified, can they?




With most of these users uploading at least once per day and frequently appearing on the platform’s front page, verification enables TikTok to highlight some of its best content producers.


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