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Guardian Antivirus Software Free Download (Total Security)

Protects your online financial information from malware attacks and ransomware threats. It is the best antivirus program for frequent online banking users.

Guardian Total Security antivirus that protects your important data from ransomware attacks and secures your financial information when you are banking or shopping online. It stops new and unknown malware attacks and prevents malware from stealing data typed on a keyboard.

Guardian Total Security Download For Windows

Guardian Total Security Antivirus Features

  • Total Ransomware Protection:Total Ransomware Protection protects all of your important data from even the most dangerous ransomware attacks. It finds and stops ransomware attacks in real time. It does this with the help of Behaviour Detection Technology, which can find new and unknown ransomwares.
  • Auto-silent Mode:This feature of Guardian Total Security allows you to use your computer without being interrupted by prompts and notifications. Your system’s existing level of safety will not be compromised in any way as a result of this.
  • Quick Scan:When you use Quick Scan, the process of scanning your system is finished in a shorter amount of time. When using Quick Scan, only those predefined areas that are potentially open to assault from malicious actors are scanned.
  • Malware Protection: Finds and eliminates unwanted and potentially dangerous software that has hidden itself within your computer system.
  • Behavior-based Detection: Analyzes the way a program behaves in your computer so that it can be stopped before it performs any malicious activity.
  • Advanced DNA Scan: Detects and gets rid of newly discovered and previously unknown harmful threats in the system. In addition to this, it isolates suspicious files and places them in a sandbox, preventing malware from spreading to other parts of your computer.
  • Firewall: Blocks external threats that try to reach your system over the Internet.
  • Safe Banking: Secures your confidential banking information when you are shopping, banking, or paying bills on the Internet.
  • Browsing Protection: Prevents you from landing on websites that have hidden malware and other malicious codes.
  • Phishing Protection: Restricts access to fake and fraudulent websites designed to steal your sensitive information such as login ID and passwords, credit/debit card numbers, etc.
  • Data Theft Protection: Blocks unauthorized copying of data from your computer to unauthorized USB drives.
  • Data Backup: Helps you back up your data in a secure location. Data can be restored from this backup in case of a ransomware attack.
  • IDS/IPS: Keeps your computer secure from unwanted intrusion attempts or attacks by hackers.
  • Anti-Trojan: Blocks Trojan horse malware that usually disguises itself as harmless and legitimate software.
  • Anti-Spyware: Blocks spyware – a malware designed to silently gather your sensitive information and pass it on to the attacker.
  • Anti-Keylogger: Prevents your keystrokes from getting recorded by data-stealing programs called keyloggers.
  • Adware Protection: Blocks adware from getting installed on your computer. Adware is a software designed to display ads on your computer. Although not necessarily harmful, the adware can expose your computer to threats.
  • Rogueware Protection: Blocks fake security software called rogueware from getting installed on your computer.
  • USB Drive Protection: Scans and cleans your USB drives and prevents any infection from spreading to your PC.
  • On-Demand Scan: Scans your computer for malware infections anytime you like.
  • Trusted Email Client Protection: Lets you configure a list of trusted email clients, from which you can send emails.
  • Emergency Disk: Lets you create your own emergency bootable disk that will help you clean stringent infection that reappears even after regular cleaning of your computer.
  • Sandbox: Runs your Internet browsers in a virtual environment that acts like a protective barrier between your PC’s operating system and infected downloads.
  • Hijack Restore: Helps you restore the default settings of your Internet Explorer in case they get modified by any malware.
  • Track Cleaner: Removes traces of browsing history from browsers.
  • System Explorer: Lets you access important information about your computer to help you diagnose the system for any new malware infections.
  • Windows Spy: Helps you find more information about an application or process if you suspect it to be spyware or other malware.
  • Self-Protection: Protects Guardian Total Security’s running processes and services.
  • Password Protection: Lets you lock your Guardian Total Security settings with a password so that your security does not get compromised.
  • Automatic Update (Internet): Virus definitions are downloaded automatically so that your computer is protected from the latest threats.
  • Offline Update (Through LAN): If you don’t have an Internet connection and want to update your antivirus on one or more PC, you can use the offline updater in Automatic Update.
  • Integration with Windows Security Center: Guardian antivirus is compliant with Microsoft Security Center requirements and guidelines. This means the product follows the best practices as required by Microsoft to offer protection for Windows.

Pros And Cons of Guardian Total Security Antivirus




Internet Security

Total Security

Malware Protection

Behavior-based Detection


Advanced DNAScan


Browsing Protection

Data Backup


Boot Time Scan

Memory Scan




Adware Protection

Rogueware Protection

USB Drive Protection

On Demand Scan

Trusted Email Client Protection

Emergency Disk

Autorun Protection

Registry Restore

Hijack Restore

Track Cleaner

System Explorer

Windows Spy


Password Protection

Silent Mode

Automatic Update (Internet)

Offline Update (Through LAN)

Integration with Windows Security Center

Phishing Protection

Safe Banking


Data Theft Protection






Virtual Keyboard


System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor 1 GHz or faster
Memory 256 MB RAM
Storage Space 1 GB Hard Disk Space
Network Connection Internet connection to receive updates
Required Browser Internet Explorer 6 or later



Guardian Total Security FAQs

How do I know when my guardian Total Security expires?

  1. On the dashboard of Guardian, you can see a link “License days left”. Here you can see when your license is expiring. If you click this link, you can see the license details. OR.
  2. Open Guardian antivirus. On the dashboard, select Help > About. Click the License Details button.

How do I get rid of Guardian total security?

Windows 8/8.1
  1. Right click on the bottom left corner of the screen (while on your desktop)
  2. In the menu choose Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.
  4. Locate Guardian or other related suspicious program.
  5. Click Uninstall button.
  6. Wait until uninstall process is complete.

How do I update Guardian total security?

Download Updates
  1. Select Product. Guardian Total SecurityGuardian Internet SecurityGuardian NetSecure.
  2. Select your operating system architecture. 32 bit. 64 bit.
  3. Please select Product Version. 18.00. 17.00. 16.00 and older.
  4. Get your product updates here. Weekly Update. Monthly UpdateComplete Update.

How good is Guardian Antivirus?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Security for your System. Guardian Total Security is AIO Anti-malware security for your daily internet works. The user interface is very handy and easy to operate. It’s perfect for the beginners as well as the Advanced level users.

How do I disable Guardian AntiVirus temporarily?

To Disable AntiVirus and AntiSpyware protection
  1. Right click the system tray icon and select Open Windows Live OneCare.
  2. On the main page click Change Settings > click Viruses and Spyware Tab.
  3. Tick “Off” radio button > Apply and OK.


Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 123 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Guardian Antivirus Software


The Guardian Total Security is the simple, best, and comprehensive security software that provides real-time protection against threats, malware, spyware, adware, And PUPs. The user interface of this application is simple and easy to use by all kinds of users. Moreover, it provides advanced DNA scan, malware protection, adware protection, and many more security features.


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