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Windows Defender or Avast, Which Can Protect Your Computer Better

Aug 17,2021 - (Free)

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The Avast Antivirus and Windows Defender are both top leaders in terms of computer security worldwide. These two antiviruses provide effective and long-lasting protection for all your files and data. However, the price structures of Windows Defender and Avast are different.

Window Defender is a free antivirus, so you don’t need to pay for it. You need to download it on their site, and you can use it for free. On the other hand, Avast provides a free version, but not all the features are included. Avast has an option to upgrade your free version to add more security features, but you need to pay for it.

While these antivirus providers have a vital malware safeguard, Avast is known to provide more security as it offers no strain on your system’s performance. Here, we will highlight the different features of each antivirus for you to be able to choose wisely based on your requirements.

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windows-defenderMalware Protection

When choosing new antivirus software, it’s essential to know how well you can be protected and be aware of the places where you might be unguarded. But, it doesn’t mean that you need all the features of an antivirus software provider. Read the below for you to know what you need from antivirus software.

Comparison of Avast Antivirus And Windows Defender

Features Avast Antivirus Windows Defender
Virus Scanner Yes Yes
Threat Security Yes Yes
Malware Removal Yes Yes
Phishing Detection Yes Yes, by declining and blocking phishing sites
Spyware Safeguard Yes Yes, but the effectiveness is not 100%
Ransomware Security Yes Yes
Cloud Backup No No
Firewall Yes Yes, but it’s a typical firewall
Browser Protection Yes, but with a specific Avast Browser Yes, it’s an extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
Webcam Protection No No
Password Manager Yes Yes
Identity theft protection No No
Parental Control No No
Safe Banking No No
Performance Optimization No No
Cleaning Tools Yes Yes
File Shredder Yes Yes
Game Moder Yes Yes, it doesn’t affect your gameplay
Mobile Application Yes Yes, you can download Window Defender on your Android Device

Safety Malware Performance

antivirus for malware protection

Malware is described as malicious software such as viruses, worms, trojans and many other damaging programs that can destroy your files and data. These viruses and programs are built to cause harm to your computer.

Annually, an independent organization such as AV tests examines all the antivirus software. They check the usability, protection, and performance level of various antivirus programs. They also test the malware effectiveness of the said antiviruses.

In the latest examination of AV tests, Window Defender has a perfect score of six out of six. In their testing, window defender established an exceptional anti-malware performance. Additionally, this software can ideally detect all the internet email harassment coming from a virus.

On the other hand, Avast Antivirus only scored 5.5 out of 6. Avast Antivirus loses almost three points because they can’t 100% detect all the virus threats on the internet. Also, this software cannot see the outdated threats, which are four weeks older. Due to this, they don’t meet the industry’s average requirement.

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User’s Ease of Use and Friendliness

Windows Defender has a good image and straightforward communication. However, you need to click a few things before you can redirect to their software’s dashboard. Once you’re in their dashboard, you can see the different operations and modules on the left side.

Window defender has a variety of types when it comes to scanning, but you don’t have the option to set the schedule of scanning, which gives them negative feedback. 

Like Windows Defender, Avast Antivirus has a straightforward and intuitive interface. Additionally, Avast Antivirus Software lets you personalize its features to tune their experience from the software based on their needs. In this way, you can schedule your own scans.

If you want to run a full scan on your computer, you can begin by clicking the green button to run the smart scan. If your device is healthy, you will see a check logo that means there’s no attack or virus on your computer. On the other hand, if you see a red exclamation point, it means that there is a virus or something wrong with your device.

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When choosing the suitable antivirus software for your computer, you must carefully read the list of key features between Windows Defender and Avast. In this way, you can download the best antivirus software based on your standards.

So, is Windows Defender better than Avast? Want to know more? read our detailed comparison review here.



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