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TradingView Desktop Application To Watch All Markets

Feb 3,2023 - (Free)

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TradingView is a platform for financial charts and market analysis that can be accessed through a web browser on a computer. It has real-time stock, forex, cryptocurrency, and other financial market data, as well as a number of charting tools, such as technical analysis indicators and advanced charting options. TradingView is a fantastic option for users and traders who are interested in multiple facets of the digital trading industry.

Traders, investors, and financial analysts use TradingView to look at the market, do research, and make decisions.

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TradingView Features


Customizable chart engine

TradingView’s users have unprecedented access to both historical data and real-time market conditions because to the platform’s tremendously sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable chart engine. This is TradingView’s defining characteristic. It enables an incredible degree of creative freedom in the creation of a one-of-a-kind dashboard that is packed with astonishingly modular charts, and it even improves viewports, data collection, and presentation with more than 8 million scripts and ideas that were developed by the large community that it serves.

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The charts that TradingView for Windows PC creates are extremely customizable and flexible. They are available in a total of 12 different basic forms, of which only eight can be displayed on a single tab. Charts come with a replay option, the capability to generate bespoke spreads based on mathematical formulas, the ability to define custom time intervals, and the capacity to become augmented with an astonishing variety of modules for technical analysis.

Best for market analysis

To begin, there are three primary aspects that differentiate one service from another: the way it seems, the manner in which it operates, and the degree to which it is adaptable.

TradingView looks great. It is a cutting-edge program that presents a multitude of choices in a format that is highly modifiable. It is entirely dependent on the things that are important to you. The application enables you to carry out historical market analysis, open a variety of tabs, make notes, examine segments of the stock market, draw shapes, make notes, and carry out quantitative versus qualitative comparisons, amongst a great deal of other capabilities.

You also have the ability to toggle between bright and dark themes, configure multiscreen displays, and view a news feed that contains data and trends that are informative regarding the most recent happenings.

In addition, in terms of the levels of flexibility it offers, you are able to create a user account, chat with other people, associate yourself with specific threads or communicate in private chats, synchronize data across accounts, and even access your information, saved filters, notes, and other parameters from mobile or web browsers. All of these features are available.

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Metrics, Indicators and personal financial strategy builder

The final point, which focuses on trading methods, is intended solely for more experienced traders. Despite this, even novices can start to think in larger contexts by considering both the details and the overall picture simultaneously. After all, repetition is the key to improvement. Therefore, if you are thinking about using an online learning platform, TradingView is a great option because it allows you to start trading right away and analyze patterns as you go.

The desktop version that runs on Windows comes packed with an insane number of features. For instance, you have the ability to write your own scripts in order to accomplish extremely configurable activities (for custom scripting studies, with a built-in editor and compiler).

In addition, you are able to generate any kind of market alert, change chart views, generate your own templates, configure a variety of volume-variation oscillators and index-evaluation metrics, and, on top of everything else, you can study trading patterns and market analysis patterns using the built-in material.



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