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CyberGhost VPN – Fast and Secure Service For Mac Download

May 10,2019 - CyberGhost S.R.L. (Free)

39.3 MB (Safe & Secure)

CyberGhost is a trustworthy and user-friendly macOS application specially designed to help you connect to secure and encrypted VPNs from all over the world in order to hide your real IP address and protect your privacy.

Keep prying eyes away from your personal data

This VPN service enables you to bypass country or region-based restrictions and gain access to uncensored data or websites blocked by various governments or Internet service providers.

On top of that, you can use the VPN service to prevent data collection and tracking even when you connect to the Internet via unencrypted wireless networks. Hence, you’ll be able to keep your conversations and transfers to yourself and avoid unauthorized access.

Encrypt your connection and enjoy your freedom on the web


It automatically encrypts your connection using a virtual tunnel that connects you to one of the numerous servers provided by the app.

To start using this VPN and take advantage of the security provided by trusty VPNs, you just have to download the light archive, extract the app and copy it to your Applications folder.

Once launched, CyberGhost VPN runs quietly from your Mac’s status bar, from where you can also access its main window. CyberGhost makes it easy for you to view your location along with your real IP address when you are not connected to a VPN.

Manually choose your virtual IP address with ease

However, once you enable the app, the VPN automatically assigns you a new IP address from a different location. Furthermore, It allows you to change the simulated country or IP address and manually pick a location or IP from the displayed list.

One-click access

CyberGhost VPN for Mac has a user-friendly interface that makes online privacy easy. In a matter of seconds, by simply pressing the “ON” button, you can surf the web without a care in the world. Your macOS device will be protected from your ISP, the government, your neighbor, your colleague or whoever else is interested in snooping into your digital life.

CyberGhost Pciture

CyberGhost Secure VPN For Mac Features

  • Smart Rules – New: Fully customize how it works to protect privacy by assigning specific triggers for different actions.
  • Best Location – New: Connect to the fastest server based on location, with requests handled rapidly.
  • Easier to use than ever – New: The new CyberGhost app is easy to master, regardless of technical ability. The clean, simple design guarantees instant VPN protection.
  • Compatible: Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 processor. macOS Lion (10.7) | macOS Mountain Lion (10.8) | macOS Mavericks (10.9) | macOS Yosemite (10.10) | macOS El Capitan (10.11) macOS Sierra (10.12) | macOS High Sierra (10.13).

The built-in search form helps you find the desired country or IP with just a few keystrokes and, you also have the option to sort the lists based on the country name, number of free server or users.



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