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Bitdefender VPN For Windows: Private And Secure Internet Surfing

Bitdefender VPN is a service that protects your online identity by encrypting all traffic on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Bitdefender VPN for Pc added later by the company, originally they are more focused on dedicated antivirus software and later decided to offer one of the top free vpn for windows in their software package. Some of their current software packages include Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Total Security VPN, and Bitdefender Internet Security. The company recently added the VPN feature to its current antivirus packages.

Bitdefender free VPN is spectacular, although, there are lots of things to improve on as a standalone VPN service. However, it is ideal for users with existing Bitdefender packages as it gives you secure and private internet access free on your pc.

Bitdefender VPN Software For PC

Sign up for any of Bitdefender’s excellent security packages – Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security or its mobile apps – and you’ll now get a bundled VPN. Sounds great, until you realize there’s no option to choose a location (the app automatically picks the nearest server), and you spot the tiny data transfer limit of 200MB a day.

Buying an additional Bitdefender VPN license gets you unlimited traffic and full access to all service locations. (Bitdefender VPN is powered by and using Hotspot Shield’s high-end VPN technology, a strong indicator that you’re going to get a decent service.).


Bitdefender VPN For PC Download

Bitdefender VPN For PC Features

Unblocking streaming services

Several of the streaming services I tested it with, including Hulu, Netflix US and UK, and BBC iPlayer, were unblocked.

Server speed

Most places have high-speed servers for P2P/torrenting activities. Due to high ping, I experienced some lag on the Australian and Hong Kong servers. A complete tests result can be found here.

Download time: The amount of time it takes to download files, photos, videos, and so on. It has a significant impact on your streaming capability; anything over 5Mbps is good for viewing HD, and anything over 25Mbps is better for viewing Ultra HD/4K.

Upload time: The amount of time it takes to send files. If you enjoy uploading torrents or posting your latest selfie or culinary creation on Instagram, this can have a significant impact.

Ping: This is the signal sent from your computer to the website. Latency refers to how quickly data returns. A slow ping is a nightmare for gamers because it can cause lag and frequent disconnects (if the ping is too long).


While it does include a kill switch for mobile apps, the rest of the security features are fairly basic. It includes wi-fi protection, Auto-On, and industry-standard encryption. More information on these features can be found here.


According to its policy, HotSpot Shield servers keep no logs, but Bitdefender’s VPN app does collect some user information.

Bypass the ISP throttling

Pressure on ISP infrastructure is constantly increasing, especially during these times. Not all of them can keep up with the demand and some may choose to cap your bandwidth, depending on the type of traffic that you are doing. This can affect your experience while gaming or streaming your favorite show in HD. With Bitdefender Premium VPN, your traffic is encrypted and no one can track what you are doing online, not even your Internet service provider.

Access geo-restricted content

Governments, universities, and even some ISPs from all over the world practice online censorship by blocking access to apps and websites. If this is already part of your daily life, break free from your regional restrictions and explore the true internet access with Bitdefender Premium VPN service.

Secure all your traffic on public networks

Public networks like airports, lounges, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are easy targets for those trying to capture and exploit your traffic. Connect your virtual private network to any of Bitdefender Windows VPN servers to secure your traffic with military-grade encryption, making it impossible for anyone to access it.

Surf the web truly incognito

Private browsing is not enough to stay anonymous these days. Your real IP vanishes with Bitdefender VPN so your online activity cannot be linked to you. Because BitDefender VPN uses Hotspot Shield’s servers, it is critical to review both companies’ privacy policies. Fortunately, both have a clear zero-log policy and will not track you online. BitDefender employs the fastest VPN protocol (Catapult Hydra) as well as the most secure encryption standard available (AES-256).

User-friendly apps

The app was quick to download and install, and it was just as simple to set up and use. However, I had some difficulty locating customer service.

More, you would like to know about benefits of using a VPN service.

How to set up a Bitdefender VPN on Windows

This article shows you how to set up Bitdefender VPN software for Windows step by step. The Bitdefender VPN app can be downloaded from the product page, Bitdefender Central, or your Bitdefender security solution. You must have Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or a newer version of Windows.

When you connect to unsecured wireless networks in airports, malls, cafes, or hotels, you can keep your data private with Bitdefender VPN. This way, hackers won’t be able to get your IP address or steal your personal information.

Want to try Bitdefender Premium VPN? Check out the website here

Prices are reasonable at $6.99 billed monthly, or an equivalent $3.33 a month for year one on the annual plan, $4.17 on renewal. That’s a significant saving on Hotspot Shield’s regular annual price of an equivalent of $5.99, good to know if you might have purchased it anyway.

One potential issue to consider is that you’ll only be able to use the VPN on the number of devices covered by your Bitdefender security software license.

Bitdefender’s client is very, very basic, with the bare minimum of features. A large blue Connect button will by default connect you to your nearest server; you’re able to choose another location from a simple list, and there are settings to launch Bitdefender free VPN along with Windows, and automatically connect whenever you access an insecure wireless network.

There are very few of the other features we would normally hope to see. The client doesn’t display a desktop notification when you connect; you can’t change servers until you’ve manually closed the existing connection; there’s no Favorites or Recently Used list to speed up accessing commonly-used servers; there’s no kill switch to block internet access if the connection drops; there’s no option to change protocol, or tweak your connection in any way.

There are some plus points. The client is so easy to use that even total beginners probably won’t need any support, and it handles unexpected situations with ease. When we made the VPN connection drop by forcibly closing the openvpn.exe process – a very aggressive step that is most unlikely to happen in real life – the client warned us immediately with a desktop alert, then automatically reconnected within seconds.

If you’re looking to buy Bitdefender VPN as a cheaper route to access Hotspot Shield, though, it’s worth noting that Hotspot Shield’s own Windows client has a few extra features, including a kill switch, extra leak protection, and finer control over when the VPN will automatically connect. If you think you might need this extra power, Hotspot Shield’s best VPN free trial for 7 days to check out the service.

Our Experience: Geo-restricted sites and Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender sells Premium VPN mostly for its encryption and anonymity benefits, but the website claims it can also ‘unlock media, videos & messaging from all over the world.’

People can’t stream media, view online TV/radio, play online games, or read select websites. This may be due to geo-restrictions on the website. Only a VPN can circumvent this restriction.

With a VPN, you can spoof your location and can get American netflix sign up free in the Netherlands. Netflix blocks VPN connections, therefore it’s crucial to know if your VPN can unblock the American version. Bitdefender can overcome streaming site geo-restrictions. Bitdefender is just starting up, as evidenced by their server number and speed. Upgrade costs are significant for the functionality offered.

Before using VPN, you must buy other Bitdefender suite items.

If you already have BitDefender and want greater privacy and anonymous browsing, use this most secure VPN service.

Bitdefender VPN Pros and Cons


  • Fast: BitDefender VPN makes use of hotspot shield servers, which are among the fastest in the world. BitDefender’s VPN is now lightning fast.
  • Security: BitDefender employs the fastest VPN protocol (Catapult Hydra) as well as the most secure encryption standard available (AES-256).
  • Privacy:BitDefender has a simple but straightforward zero-log policy and does not track your online activity.
  • Cheaper: Most VPNs only offer their best prices on 3-year contracts. BitDefender’s top deal is available in a one-year contract, making it significantly less expensive.
  • Servers in 30 countries: BitDefender’s VPN has servers across all continents.
  • Beautiful (but slightly basic) apps: Supporting Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Works with Netflix, Disney Plus and more
  • Works with Torrents (P2P)


  • No advanced features:More expensive VPN services allow you to choose your VPN protocol and enable features such as ad blockers and data compression. BitDefender, however, does not. We believe that 95% of its users will be unconcerned about this. However, if you want to go all in on advanced technology.

Bitdefender VPN FAQs

Is Bitdefender VPN reliable?

Yes, Bitdefender VPN is a reliable tool developed by the same team that created one of the best antiviruses. The antivirus has a proven track record of security, and we have the same level of confidence in the VPN.

Where’s Bitdefender’s HQ located?

Bitdefender’s primary offices are in Bucharest, Romania. Romania is outside the 5, 9, and 14-Eyes Alliance, which is good news for individuals concerned about anonymity. Still, they process data through Aura, a US corporation and Alliance member. The 5, 9, and 14-Eyes Alliance exchanges information gathered through extensive web surveillance. This page discusses the Alliance.

Will Bitdefender VPN cause my connection to slow?

Bitdefender VPN is extremely fast, loaded with Catapult Hydra, a protocol designed specifically for speed. Every VPN will, to some extent, slow down your connection. Bitdefender’s main goal is to keep those speed drops to a minimum.

Is Bitdefender VPN Fast Enough to Play Games?

Although the speeds are certainly fast for gaming, I did experience significant lag while playing Fortnite on a couple of the servers. Notably, the ping back on the Australian and Hong Kong servers was high enough to cause significant lag.

Is Bitdefender VPN compatible with torrenting?

Yes! Torrenting is permitted on all Bitdefender VPN servers. Furthermore, the client will prompt you to activate your VPN whenever you begin the P2P file sharing process (like torrenting).

Can I use Bitdefender VPN to watch Netflix in the United States?

Yes! Bitdefender VPN can unblock Netflix US from any location in the world. It can also give you access to many other regional Netflix versions, such as those in Japan, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you are blocked, it is because your current IP address has been blacklisted. Simply restart your VPN to obtain a new IP address.

What are some Bitdefender alternatives?

There are a few free, safe alternatives to Bitdefender, but our top providers offer strong security and strict no-logs policies. ExpressVPN is the one I recommend. It provides strong encryption, a solid no-logs policy, advanced security features, and cutting-edge protocols such as Lightway.

Is Bitdefender VPN free when combined with Internet security?

Yes, the Bitdefender Internet Security package includes the Bitdefender VPN free version. If you want the premium VPN option, you must purchase it separately.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage Space 500 MB free hard disk space
.Net Framework .Net Framework required 4.5.2
Browser Internet Explorer 11 or higher


Bitdefender VPN Software For Windows Overview

Version 2021
File Size 12.9 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Bitdefender



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