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SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN Service For Windows Pc 0.5.5

May 14,2021 - VPN1 LLC. (Free)

69.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN Software is a free VPN download for pc that includes unlimited bandwidth and is completely free for everyone! With a single click, you can access any website that has been blocked by your government, school, or company. While using public wifi hotspots, a company network, or a school network, protect your browser activity with military-grade encryption. It provides a high level of Wi-Fi security and online privacy.

With over 100 servers spread all over the globe, SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN lets you access any content that is not available in your country, company, or at your school. Simply change your location, encrypt your connection, and change your IP address.

Free VPN Download for PC

No technical knowledge is required. Simply download the extension, create an account, and DONE! Change your location against online trackers. Prevent websites from gathering your personal information.

Unlike many other VPN services, SetUp VPN download for pc program provides service through an account that you must create, and depending on the subscription type, you may have access to more or fewer servers located around the world. SetupVPN, which has over 100 servers spread around the world, allows you to access any content that is not available in your country, company, or school, or made available by your Internet provider.

SetupVPN For Lifetime Free VPN Software Features

  • Native Encryption: All communication is SSL-based and encrypted. This is the latest encryption standard. These servers are up-to-date and you don’t have to worry about sensitive data you send through the internet.
  • Premium Support: You will get an account manager assigned to you when you first sign up.
  • Wi-fi Protection: It protects all the data you send through public Wi-Fi even if you use the SetupVPN Lifetime VPN app add-on while you are a café or restaurant, or other public space.
  • Best Speed & No Bandwidth Restrictions: Depending on the country you pick, measure your connection speed, and try to improve it with the next update. You deserve the fastest speed wherever you surf.
  • No Configuration Required: Install the add-on, register for an account, and choose a country to get started. There is no hassle with configuration. You don´t need to be tech-savvy to get a VPN.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory 128MB of RAM – They recommend 1 GB of RAM for other system services.
Storage Space 10 GB Hard Disk Space for OpenVPN and other system packages.

Screenshots of SetupVPN For Lifetime Free VPN Software

Official Video of SetupVPN For Lifetime Free VPN

How It Works?

SetupVPN Lifetime Free VPN FAQs

Can I Use A Free Account For My Account?

Sure, you can use it for any business purposes. Even if you own an internet café, you can use the free version of SetupVPN.


Can I Use SetupVPN To Do Speed Test?

You definitely can. But, please note the speed will depend on the location of your proxy/server. For instance, almost every country has a good connection to the United States, but only a few have a fast connection to China. You need to find which servers work the fastest for you. Speed is also determinant on other things like your ISP, your uplink, a router connection, or other factors.


Does The SetupVPN Improve My Browsing Speed?

Generally, all VPN services make your connection slow. When you enable a VPN, more routers come between you and the target website, and that affects your connection speed


Why Is The SetupVPN Safer To Use Faster Than Tor?

While the Tor network is banned in many countries, once you have SetupVPN download on pc, virtually it will work in every country, no matter where you are in the world. It is also safe to use and user-friendly.


Can I Connect From Multiple Browsers And Computers At Same Time?

Yes, you can. But the developer team does not recommend sharing your credentials with other people. They might visit illegal sites and you could be held responsible for that.


  • ProtonVPN.
  • Tor Browser.
  • Tor.
  • OpenVPN.
  • WireGuard.
  • Windscribe.

SetupVPN Free VPN Software Overview

SetupVPN Technical Specification

SetupVPN Free VPN Software
Version 0.5.5
File Size 69.8 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer VPN1 LLC.


SetupVPN is lightweight, which means that whatever you search is only for your eyes to see, and the lack of technical expertise required makes it ideal for people with little to no experience with such software.



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