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The Best Apps For College Students

For many students, college seems to be the most difficult educational phase of their lives. There is much liberty and less monitoring like high school. However, it also demands a great sense of responsibility towards academics and day-to-day activities.

The Internet has been a lifesaver for many individuals across various industries. It has helped them to achieve more effectiveness and get the desired results. The situation is the same for college students who can leverage the use of the internet for the seemingly difficult college life.

The common questions are: how can a student use the internet for their new life? Do you want academic tools that will write your paper for you and much more? This content details the best app for college students and their lifestyle. Follow closely.

Essential Apps For College Students

This section categorizes different apps students need into respective sections. It will help them to manage their academic tasks, personal health, financial strength, and even extra-curricular activities. Also, you won’t have to dread the expression, “Who will write my paper?”


A.  Applications For Writing Services

It is important to consider your school’s grading system before choosing a writing tool. Remember that the tools function with Artificial Intelligence, and some of your professors may not appreciate a heavy reliance on them. Hence, make careful consideration before using these tools for your term papers.

1. Grammarly

To err is human, and to edit is Grammarly. Even the best writers may need a second eye to proofread their content. In as much as the thoughts are properly articulated, one may have overlooked some spelling errors and grammar mistakes. The use of Grammarly helps to correct this and have error-free content.

To use Grammarly, you can use its website or desktop app or even install the plugin into your browser’s extension to write on the go. However, you have to create an account for yourself. Grammarly identifies the tiniest details, like incorrect use of prepositions or lack of dashes having written your paper.

2. GPTZero

The advent of AI tools has been tricky for writing needs in recent times. As such, it is easy for people to assume you generated your well-written content with an AI tool. The complexity of AI has made several writers doubt themselves and their writing prowess.

You don’t have to experience the same. Use GPTZero to review your texts after you have crafted them. It detects AI content because of its generic style of writing and repetitive phrases. It will indicate areas that you can finetune to clear all doubts about the possibility of your texts being AI-generated.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor helps to improve how you write your paper. It is a more appropriate tool for beginners who are just writing professionally in college. It esteems a simple rule – concise style. This is perfect for writing my papers as a new college student.

The tool indicates complex sentences, passive voice, and other improper use of the parts of speech. It shows a readability score that implies how readable your content is to the general audience.


B.  Learning Applications

Unlike the writing options, you can rely heavily on learning applications to understand some topics better. They can be helpful if you want to learn things beyond your academic curriculum and what your professors teach you. Many students learn gamified languages to improve their communication skills across different ethnicities.

1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most used learning applications in the world. It is an extensive platform that provides access to courses at top global universities. Notable names include John Hopkins, Stanford University, and Duke University. Hence, you can get your accredited master’s degree from this platform to improve your academic excellence.  All you have to worry about is the Ph.D.

It is more interesting to employ Coursera because each course has a textbook, video instruction, and graded assignments. Its interactive nature also covers group discussions and projects to be sure how serious the student has been.  You can access everything from the comfort of your room with the use of your device.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the extra teacher you need as a college student. Their goal is to provide a world-class education for anyone in the world. As such, their courses range from Pre-K to college courses.

Students can also learn arts, science, and life skills. It has a section for students to prepare for examinations like SAT, MCAT, and Praxis Core. No doubt, you can get the simple answers to those difficult questions.

3. Duolingo  

As the name implies, Duolingo helps its users to learn as many languages as possible. It has over 30 courses that help you be experienced in all these languages, including Klingon. You can read, speak, listen, and get grades for your efforts. Also, there is motivation from listening to others.

C.  Research Library

Research is an integral part of learning. You need to access an array of information to select relevant ones for your study. Most students often find this difficult because they do not employ the right tools. Check out the options you can use below:

1. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is another extensive library that has already-written guides for your academic needs. Have less headaches with assignments by using CliffsNotes for your research. Also, it will improve your chance of scoring high marks in your examinations.

There are audio Cram Casts and Interactive quizzes for you to have easier studying. Its bookmark feature makes it easier to recall details when needed.

2. TED

TED is the solution to the curiosity you may have in college. It has transformational and expository videos that help you think. Having learned the theoretical aspect in class, take it further by watching the real-life application on TED. There is no better way to learn than this – theory and a practical video.

D.  Note Takers and Organizational Apps

Some students employ the orthodox method of sticky notes to organize their daily activities. The challenge with this is that a sticky note can go missing and disrupt one’s plan for the entire day. On the other hand, there are digital options that have proven to be more reliable. They include:

1. Evernote

You can organize your notes with Evernote to ensure your media is all in one place. You can easily keep track of the dates and the scheduled activities. That way, you cannot miss any class.

Also, you can take images of your blackboard to have the information handy. It automatically synchronizes your notes to all devices. If you need to search for anything, you can easily access it at the snap of a finger.

2. Notion

Notion is a productive tool that helps to achieve a balance between spontaneity and organization. It helps to gather all your resources in a place for easy access. Put your transcriptions, notes, links, and even posts in a place.


Take advantage of these apps and more to have a great college experience. Do not buy into the lie that college life is always about making mistakes. You can employ any of the apps to transition confidently from high school to college. Remember, you are solely responsible, and these apps will help you be on top of your educational life.


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