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Stickies Desktop Notes Download For PC 10.1a

May 31,2021 - Zhorn Software (Free)

2.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

Stickies is a free sticky desktop notes software that attempts to reduce the number of yellow notes you leave attached to your display. It’s a digital version of the notes.

This software is a simple Windows application that allows you to take notes directly from your desktop, with a variety of extras to enhance the overall experience.

Stickies Desktop Notes Free Download

Stickies’ design objective is to keep the software short and simple. The software will not mess with your system files or make changes to the registry. Stickies saves data in a single text-based ini file.

The tool will never play “Greensleeves” or support animated dancing figures. Instead, they are yellow rectangular windows upon which you may write text notes. They will remain on the screen until you remove them. Just like a real piece of sticky paper.

Stickies  For The Sticky Desktop  Note Features

  • Once on screen, stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots
  • Stickies’ appearance can be customized; fonts, colors, and buttons may be changed, and styles saved. The program can be resized.
  • Stickies can store text or images
  • Stickies can snap to each other and to the sides of the screen to keep them neatly lined up
  • Stickies can be attached to an application, web site, document or folder so they only show when it’s on-screen
  • Stickies can be transferred from one machine to another either over a TCP/IP network connection or by using an SMTP mail server or MAPI client.
  • Stickies can be hidden for a certain period, until a specified date and time, or to wake every day, week, or month, to act as reminders.
  • Stickies can have alarms set to ensure you notice them at a point you choose
  • International language, Unicode, and RTL text support
  • Stickies works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
  • Stickies is small and simple, it writes to a single text file, and does not alter the registry
  • AD network administrators can use Group Policy to control settings
  • API to allow integration with other applications

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10
Keyboard Integrated Keyboard

Screenshots of Stickies Desktop Notes 

Official Video Stickies – Desktop Notes For Windows 10

Free Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows 10

Sticky Desktop Notes Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
10.1a 2.8 MB Download
  • Zoho Notebook
  • Microsoft To Do
  • NoteZilla
  • WizNote
  • Inkdrop

What’s New In This Latest Version

New features

  • Dark mode
  • Tags
  • The Home tab in Manage is now a bar chart
  • Control-Return inserts a horizontal line into text notes
  • The on-top setting when notes wake can be copied from what on-top is set to when sent to sleep
  • The Manage window can now be set on-top and set less tall
  • Numbers on the right-hand side of the Manage tree, showing the count of items in that folder/stack/tag
  • Additional option for single-clicking the notification area icon: Toggle show/hide all

Stickies Desktop Notes Software Overview

Stickies Desktop Notes Technical Specification

Stickies Software
Version 10.1a
File Size 2.8 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Zhorn Software


Stickies does its job very well and impresses mostly thanks to the great number of features it provides. Plus, it boasts a nice interface and simple tools addressed to both beginners and those more experienced.


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