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VIPRE Privacy Shield Download For Windows 3.4.6

Dec 17,2020 - J2 Global, Inc. (Free)

13.2 MB (Safe & Secure)

VIPRE Privacy Shield is the best privacy for your browser to protect your identity. It helps secure your information on your PC, ensures your privacy online, and blocks webcam and microphone snooping. Learn why millions trust VIPRE to protect their identities.

This is a tool designed to add extra protection to your privacy and, along with an updated antivirus, it can prevent breaches to your computer’s audio and visual ports.

VIPRE Privacy Shield Download For Windows

What is the definition of online privacy and security?

The definition of online privacy is to protect your privacy online individually. It covers the amount of online security available for personal and financial data, communications, and preferences. Internet users often attempt to increase online privacy through anti-virus software, strong password choices, turning off tracking, reviewing site security, and opting for stricter privacy settings. Risks to online privacy range from phishing scams to malware, while problems with website security may result in identity theft.

It features an advanced detection mechanism that scans and flags sensitive information stored within your locally stored personal documents, such as bank statements and medical bills that are locally stored.

Benefits of Best Privacy For Browser Software

Protect Your Identity
Hide your personal information. Remove sensitive data and take control of your video and audio sharing.

Leave No Trace Behind
Remove all traceable personal information – It locates and removes every digital trace from your desktop computer or laptop.

It provides extra security from prying eyes (and ears) by blocking access to your webcam and PC microphone – halting any attempts to breach your computer’s audio and visual ports.

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The utility packs a powerful local document scanner that finds files that contain any data related to your identities, such as phone number, email address, bank account, or social security numbers. These files are not deleted directly, but rather you receive alerts about them so you can store them in a more secure location.

It is worth mentioning that the program deep scans your browser and displays a list of the traceable credentials you commonly use to access websites, service providers, or portals. You can remove these traces and ensure they are not going to end up in the wrong hands.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory At least 1 GB of RAM
Storage Space 50 MB of hard-drive space
Internet Connection Internet connection (broadband recommended) required to install the product.

VIPRE Privacy Shield – Best Privacy For Browser Features

  • Real-Time Protection: The app monitors your computer 24/7 for malicious activity, blocking any snooping or data theft attempts, and warning you immediately.
  • Personal Profile Protection: VIPRE Privacy Shield protects you from identity theft by revealing where sensitive information such as your phone number, email, physical address, and credit card information is stored on your computer and helps you remove it.
  • Login Credential Removal: Identity Shield scans your computer for traceable login credentials to your favorite websites, portals, and service providers – and removes those traces at your discretion.

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  • Webcam & Microphone Blocker: Cyber-criminals use scripts and dubious code to access webcams and microphones in order to get valuable information – and to record your exposed room without your knowledge. Identity Shield blocks any use of these devices until you decide otherwise!
  • Local Document Scanner: Identity Shield finds locally stored documents that may contain identity-related information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, or credit card numbers. Identity Shield then alerts you upon detection and prompts you to either delete these documents or store them in a more secure location.
  • Browser History Management: It deep scans your web history and removes your web browsing activity logs. Sensitive data found in the scan is shown to you, so you will be able to can decide which information should be removed.
  • Scheduled Scans & Protection: The VIPRE Privacy Shield scheduler allows a set-and-forget setting that lets you automatically scan and proactively protect your computer at all times without having to remember to run the software.
  • Anti Tracking: Easily remove tracking records that include your personal browsing information, which can be used to target you with advertisements, for identity theft profiling, and for information phishing.

Screenshots of VIPRE Privacy Shield

Official Video Intro VIPRE Privacy Shield

VIPRE Identity Shield

VIPRE Privacy Shield FAQs

What is VIPRE Privacy Shield?

This is a Privacy Protection application that provides you with maximum privacy protection. It was created so that non-technical people can feel comfortable using an advanced set of tools that will keep their computers clean during both online and offline activity, as well as help them keep track of their exposed personal information.


Why do I need privacy protection software?

Most people maintain an active online life, including social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter), professional communication (Skype chat, email), or even shopping online (which includes login credentials, financial information, personal information). Most of the time, people keep their usernames, financial accounts, and other sensitive data stored on their computers. That stored data can be obtained not only by advertising and data collection agencies but also by many novice hackers.


What does VIPRE Privacy Shield do?

It provides both deep scan and quick analyses, as well as cleans and secures your data. After a scan, VIPRE Privacy Shield flags any critical issues and concerns for you to look into. For example, it can detect personally identifiable information within a PDF document or other text files that are stored on your computer. Third-party website trackers leave cookies on your web browser that collect and report both identifiable and non-identifiable user data. This software blocks these tracking attempts in order to increase your privacy online.


Can I download the Tracking Blocker extension without VIPRE Privacy Shield?

The VIPRE Privacy Shield extensions are available only to Premium license users.


Is VIPRE Privacy Shield free?

VIPRE Privacy Shield is free to try. The trial period lasts for 14 days, during which you can scan your PC and see the report. Other features like webcam and microphone blocking, and Tracking Blockers are enabled in the Premium version only.


VIPRE Privacy Shield Overview

VIPRE Privacy Shield Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 3.4.6
File Size 13.2 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer J2 Global, Inc.

Conclusion of VIPRE Privacy Shield

VIPRE Privacy Shield is a specialized tool that provides the best privacy for browsers and can add an extra layer of protection against tracking and spying. Not only does it reveal your potential sensitive information, but it includes some easy ways to address vulnerabilities.


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