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Trade Ideas | AI Based Stock Trading And Scanning Software

Oct 6,2022 - Trade Ideas, LLC (Free)

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Any trader would benefit tremendously from subscribing to Trade Ideas. These scanners will locate a small handful of stocks that are truly worth trading on a daily basis out of the thousands of equities that are currently available on the market for you to trade. There is nothing else that can compare to AI scanners in terms of their capabilities. It is worthy of a perfect score.

Trade Ideas For Smart Stock Trading


Trade Ideas is a financial platform that gives its users access to advanced scanning tools and artificial intelligence services for making optimised investment strategies and simulating trading in real time.

Built on top of powerful AI technology and a long history of financial market analytics, the Trade Ideas platform is one of the best places on the web to find good financial advice. It is also a great place for users who want to learn more about the financial world to find content for education, university, and live seminars.

But for Trade Ideas Demo users to get the most out of this exciting platform, they need to pay for a premium subscription and take the time to learn how its advanced tools work.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brokerage Plus
  • Simulated Trading
  • OddsMaker Window
  • Real-Time Stock Racing

Trade Ideas for Windows PC is, at its most basic level, a powerful intra-day stock scanner that lets its users use a wide range of built-in scans to find new investment opportunities. At the heart of its processing is an AI-powered robo-advisor called “Holy Grail” (or just “Holly”) that can test millions of simulated trades to figure out what it thinks about upcoming trading suggestions.

At first glance, the Trade Ideas dashboard can be scary for new users who aren’t familiar with all of the tools and services it offers. Thanks to integrated documentation and onboarding systems, they can quickly learn the basics and find out how this advanced financial platform can scan public markets to get valuable information.


Features and Points of Interest

  • Suggestions for Entry and Exit
  • Real Time Trade Simulation
  • Room for live trading
  • Streaming in real time Trade Ideas Demo
  • Charts at the Same Time
  • Using a chart Visual Trade Assistant Price Alerts
  • Channel Bar—Selection of Workspaces
  • The A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—Holly
  • Using a chart A.I. Risk Assessment of Trade Aid
  • Create and test any trade idea you have
  • Autotrade with Brokerage Plus and A.I.

Trade Ideas has become one of the best market scanners since it started in 2002. New users can try it out with a generous FREE TRIAL licence, but serious traders should buy one of the paid tiers (Standard or Premium) to get access to a wide range of tools like real-time streaming quotes, multiple charts, AI-powered assistant Holly, price alerts, entry and exit signals, risk assessment, and more. The premium subscription level also gives you access to Brokerage Plus, which is an advanced module for managing your portfolio.


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