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RemotePC Remote Access Sofware For Windows Download 7.6.57

Jul 8,2020 - IDrive Inc. (Free)

26 MB (Safe & Secure)

RemotePC is high-performing remote access for PC software for your Windows PC! Support multiple remote computers in real-time from anywhere, even from iPhones or iPads.

RemotePC is part of the remote access application category, enabling you to connect to a computer from the distance. It comes in handy both for troubleshooting and collaboration sessions, and it can be used.

RemotePC For Windows

With a fairly simple connection configuration and a neat interface layout, RemotePC can connect to one or more workstations. Aside from the mandatory RemotePC account (email and password), the only prerequisite is to have the application installed on the remote computer and set it up for remote access by assigning it a name and an access key.

It displays a list of all the computers that have been configured for remote control. Provided you enter the correct key, you can initiate a new session.

RemotePC allows you to access and manage your distant computers anytime, from any device – given that the computer has an active Internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on it. You can login to your office or home computer from anywhere, manage your files, and work on your computer – as though you were sitting right in front of it. You can also invite an associate to access your computer to work on a presentation or help troubleshoot.

Stay connected with your home or office computer, without actually commuting. Access your PC or Mac, from any device – anytime, anywhere! Effortlessly manage your files, transfer data, and print documents remotely – even from mapped drives. Invite an associate to temporarily access your computer to work on presentations, documents in real-time.

remotePC Connect By iDrive

RemotePC To Remote Access For PC Software Features

  • Always-ON Remote Access: Configure your computer for remote access so that you can take complete control of your computer over the Internet anytime.
  • One-Time Instant Access: Enable your associates to access your computer one-time by sharing a unique Access ID and Key.
  • Access via Web: Connect to your remote computers from right within your web browser, without any software installation!
  • Platform Independent: Access your remote computer from a PC/Mac. Even from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.
  • Secure: Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption; Personal Key acts as a secondary password to access each machine.
  • Scalable: Add remote computers to your plan, based on your needs; no additional hardware or software is required.
  • File Transfer: Effortlessly transfer files and folders, even from mapped drives, between your computers.
  • Chat: Send and receive chat messages between your computers.
  • Remote Printing: Print documents and images that are on your remote computers from wherever you are.
  • Whiteboard: Collaborate effectively by drawing on the remote screen during a session.
  • Play Sound Remotely: Listen to audio files from the remote computer on your local computer.
  • Invite To Collaborate: Your associate can connect to your computer, to work on a presentation or help you troubleshoot.
  • Record Remote Sessions: Record and save remote sessions easily at your desired location on the local computer.
  • Drag and Drop: Conveniently drag and drop files from a remote computer to your computer or vice versa.
  • Multi-To-Multi Monitor: View multiple monitors of a remote computer on a single screen at the same time, or view each monitor on different screens.

Connect Multiple Computer

  • Logs and Reports: Track your activities with remote access logs and web activity logs.

At this point, you should be able to view and control the remote PC as if you were in front of it. There are several tools that you have at your disposal, no matter if you are remote connecting to troubleshoot the PC or to work on a project with your colleagues.

For instance, the chat window enables you to carry out a conversation with the remote PC’s owner, while the file transfer feature makes it possible for you to copy files from your PC to the remote one. Please note that RemotePC does not ask for permission when copying files, but the remote PC owner can end the session at any point with the click of a button.

Not only that you can connect to a PC remotely with this remote access for PC software, but the entire session can be recorded as an AVI video file. Furthermore, you can play the sounds of the remote PC on your computer, which enables you to listen to songs together with your friends or play presentations you built with your colleagues, enjoying both visual and audio elements.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Network Connection Internet Connection Required.

Official Video Tutorial of Set Up Remote Desktop on Windows 10

How to EASILY Set Up Remote Desktop on Windows 10

RemotePC For Windows Overview

remotepc download

Technical Specification

Software Name 7.6.57
File Size 26 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer IDrive Inc.


It carries the burden of a rather laggy connection and lower image quality than the ones its competitors offer. Nevertheless, it supports multi-monitor machines, allows quick file transfers, allows session recording, and encourages collaboration. On top of that, it encrypts the communication between the two computers using TLS v 1.2 / AES-256, which adds to the password-based security layer.


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