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Oracle Solaris OS Download 11.4

Apr 26,2019 - Oracle Corporation (Free)

1.0 GB (Safe & Secure)

Oracle Solaris is an Oracle-based Operating System with built-in virtualization to deliver a highly-efficient and scalable solution that sits at the core of the platform. Oracle Solaris provides a flexible, dramatic advance, and cost-efficient data management with an innovative approach to data integrity, near-zero administration, cloud-ready solution perfect for any business data center.

As an Oracle-built computer operating system that Sun Microsystems provides for its family of Scalable Processor Architecture-based processors as well as for Intel-based processors. Sun has historically dominated the large UNIX workstation market. As the Internet grew in the early 1990s, Sun’s SPARC/Solaris systems became the most widely installed servers for Web sites. Sun emphasizes the system’s availability (meaning it seldom crashes), its large number of features, and its Internet-oriented design. Sun advertises that its latest version, the Operating Environment, is “the leading UNIX environment” today.

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Sun emphasizes these features of Solaris:
  • Availability: Special features make it easy to add new capability or to fix problems without having to restart the system. Because it has evolved through a number of versions, it is “stable” – that is, like IBM’s well-known mainframe operating system, MVS, Solaris has exercised and fixed almost any code path that might break. It can be upgraded, monitored, and controlled from a remote console.
  • Scalability: If you move to a larger processor, your applications should not only run but run faster. Oracle Solaris Observability Tools provide always on, integrated guided diagnosis from application to the operating system and all the way to the hardware.
  • It is built for network computing: As part of the first and most successful Web server system in history, the latest Solaris systems are built on the company’s experience with early Web sites and network demands.
  • Security: These include support for IPSec, Kerberos, AMI, and smart cards. Allowing you to protect your business with a comprehensive defense in depth strategy that’s easy to apply.
  • Consistent Compatibility: Oracle has been designing the OS for over two decades, always making sure for the engineered features to meet the latest market trends while maintaining backward compatibility. Giving you the ability to run your newest and legacy applications on modern infrastructure.
  • Simple to use: Its administrative interfaces are simple to use and protect your business from error-prone mistakes that could cost you critical downtime make compliance reporting dramatically simpler even at cloud scale with integrated multi-node compliance reporting and SPARC offers you a well integrated, high-performance solution for all your data center needs. Your administrators may be surprised by how simple it is!
  • Ease of use: Makes it easier to rapidly respond to critical vulnerabilities by minimizing system downtime with the safe one-step update and rollback capabilities. It offers a dramatic advance in data management with an innovative approach to data integrity, near-zero administration, and a welcome integration of file system and volume management capabilities.
  • High-Efficient: Oracle Solaris built-in virtualization provides a highly efficient and scalable solution that sits at the core of the platform. Oracle Solaris provides a flexible, cost-efficient, cloud-ready solution perfect for your data center.

Oracle Solaris provides three extensions for its operating system:

  • The Easy Access Server, which is designed to run in a network that also has Windows NT systems
  • The Enterprise Server, which is aimed at the “business-critical” environment, and includes support for clustering
  • The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Server

Since Sun originated the platform-independent Java programing language and runtime environment, Solaris systems come with a Java virtual machine and the Java Development Kit (JDK).

Note: Historically, Solaris was developed as proprietary software. In June 2005, Sun Microsystems released most of the codebase under the CDDL license and founded the OpenSolaris open-source project. With OpenSolaris, Sun wanted to build a developer and user community around the software. After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January 2010, Oracle decided to discontinue the OpenSolaris distribution and the development model. In August 2010, Oracle discontinued providing public updates to the source code of the Solaris kernel, effectively turning Solaris 11 back into a closed source proprietary operating system. Following that, in 2011 the Solaris 11 kernel source code leaked to BitTorrent. However, through the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), industry partners can still gain access to the in-development Solaris source code. Source code for the open source components of Solaris 11 is available for download from Oracle.

Official Video Intro Oracle Solaris OS

Installing Sun Solaris OS 10 5/08

  • Linux Mint
  • Debian
  • Manjaro Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • Fedora
  • Windows 10

Oracle Solaris OS Overview

Oracle Solaris OS Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 11.4
File Size 1.0 GB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer Oracle Corporation


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