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Midori Browser Download For Windows 0.5.11

Aug 20,2019 - Astian Foundation (Free)

39.54 MB (Safe & Secure)

Midori Browser is a fast, lightweight and easy to use web browser. The interface is minimalistic and uncluttered, providing you with exactly what you need; the core navigation buttons to surf the Internet.

Apart from the simplistic style, the Web Browser application does have a few cool features worth noting. The Speed Dial site launcher screen and the default Duck Duck Go search engine, to name a couple. There is also an RSS icon in the address bar, for when your chosen feeds are available. By default, your tabs from your last session are reopened when you next use Web Browser Application and the app does feature some helpful built-in privacy tools, including script disabling, and third-party cookie blocking. Web Browser application also has an integrated ad-blocker and cookie manager installed with the included extensions.

As far as speed goes, this software is really is, quite a fast Midori software, utilizing the latest web technologies and a tiny, yet the agile array of extensions, which provide most of the features that you need in a basic browser.

Navigating the app is a child’s play, and it won’t take you long to locate all the features; bookmarks, history and download management, private browsing, etc. The only downsides we could see were with the Import Bookmarks tool. This will not locate and use your other browsers’ data, it imports from an XBEL or HTML file only. The extension support is, likewise, very limited as well. If you are looking for extensive preferences or settings to tweak around with, then this isn’t the browser you are looking for.

Midori Browser Download For Windows

Midori Browser Benefits

Super Fast

Web Browser application works daily to make this browser as a super-fast browser. and soon more features that improve the speed will be available.

Optimized For Mobile

Web Browser application in the new plan of this software, there are also the Android and IOS mobile devices, and we think of them to bring the best technology to these operating systems.

Minimalist Design

Web Browser Application offers a minimalist, clean, simple design that allows the user to learn and find everything in a quick and easy way.


Web Browser Application is lightweight but does not lose power or flexibility, soon will have a system of extensions, without losing its north, the lightness and the privacy of users.

Midori Browser System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit
gtk GTK+ 2.10, WebkitGTK+ 1.1.1

Midori Browser Features

Private Browsing

Web Browser application has developed totally anonymous and secure private navigation because anonymity is one of our objectives more important.

Private Browsing


Clean Interface

The ease of use for any type of user is crucial and important to make navigating a simple task. We are the alternative for you.

Clean Interface


Webkit is the web engine that is free, fast, open-source and compatible with many web standards, innovative with the great community



Web Browser Application promotes the use and development of free and open-source WebApps we have tools to make life easier for developers.


Screenshots of Midori Browser

Official Video Intro Midori Browser

Midori Web Browser

  • SRWare Iron
  • NetSurf
  • Konqueror
  • Sleipnir
  • Avant Browser
  • Torch Browser
  • CM Browser
  • Comodo IceDragon

What’s New

  • Add fake theme for built-in icons
  • Don’t truncate long speed dial titles if there’s room to display them
  • Fix warnings for -Wformat-security
  • Ensure vala knows the prototypes of functions it calls, fixing pointer truncation in tests

Midori Browser Overview

Midori Browser Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 0.5.11
File Size 39.54 MB
Languages English,Spanish
License Free
Developer Astian Foundation


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