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Internet Download Accelerator File Downloader Software For Windows 6.19.5

Jul 29,2021 - WestByte Software (Free)

6.88 MB (Safe & Secure)

Internet Download Accelerator effectively solves three of the biggest problems when downloading files: speed, resuming broken downloads, and management of downloaded files. This file downloader software lets you noticeably increase the speed of file download from the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols.

To increase usability the tool integrates with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Yandex. Browser, Vivaldi, and others, replacing the standard download modules. Moreover, the program monitors the system clipboard and detects URLs in the clipboard. With IDA you can download and save video from popular video services.

Whatever your internet connection type, Internet Download Accelerator will use the bandwidth of your connection most effectively and download files extremely fast. Power and useful tool for the management of download categories. Possibility of automatic file type detection with automatic file placement to the specified categories. An unlimited number of categories and hierarchy levels.

Increase The Speed Of Internet

Installing and running the application is not enough to start getting ahold of desired items. You still need to put your web browser to good use in order to be able to provide the address where files are located.

However, the application is capable of working hand in hand with some of the most popular and commonly used browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and Yandex Browser. Whenever a download process is detected, the application automatically takes over, trying to enhance speed.

One of the most useful features is the possibility to have files downloaded to different destination folders, depending on their type. A side panel is home to several presets like programs, archives, music, and videos, but you are able to add your own. This is easily done by specifying the name, output folder, as well as extensions to be automatically sent to the mentioned destination directory.

Internet Download Accelerator For Windows Features

  • Easy to use: intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable user interface.
  • Download lists support rich sorting options.
  • The floating window including a download speed indicator, active downloads indicators, cart for dragging links.
  • Original Active Visual Cart technology lets you work with IDA without opening the main program window.
  • Dynamic multi-threaded download.
  • Resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers.
  • Scheduled operation, PC shutdown, sleep or standby after completing the download.
  • Optimal settings for work with various connection types (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, LAN) at various speed
  • FTP Explorer.
  • Support for download mirrors.
  • Searching for and adding download mirrors
  • Power and useful tool for the management of download categories
  • Work with ZIP archives: option to preview the contents of ZIP archives before download, option to download only files selected from an archive, option to check ZIP archives and recover corrupted files as well as option to unpack archives
  • Work with RAR archives: option to check RAR archives, option to unpack archives
  • Detailed log-file for every download
  • Site manager for passwords and download folders management
  • Download speed control, automatic mode for the most comfortable browsing on the Web.
  • Manual mode for dynamic control of download speed
  • Option to set priorities for downloads.
  • Possibility to download HTML pages with images
  • Download entire folders (including subfolders) via FTP
  • Content recognition when working through HTTP
  • Work with command-line
  • Dial for dial-up connection.
  • Search for files, programs, archives, and documents in
  • Smart Pause/Start. Ability to temporarily stop current downloads with the option to start them later in the same order and state.
  • Rich options of tuning connection parameters HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
  • Work behind HTTP and FTP proxy-servers, support for NTLM, and NTLM-proxy authentication.
  • IDA can automatically detect and use your web browser‘s proxy-server settings.
  • Support for FTP over SSL/TSL.
  • Option to play streaming audio and video files while they are being downloaded.
  • Automatic receipt of information about MP3 files when starting the download.
  • Downloads history.
  • The option of dragging selected text from a browser or another program onto the floating window.
  • The tool will find links in the text and offer you to start the download.
  • Ability to drag download description text from other programs.
  • Automatic insertion of the text selected on a page opened in IE into the download description.
  • Search in the download list.
  • The option of automatic synchronization of files on servers and your computer (auto-update).
  • Checking downloaded files for updates (manually or automatically).
  • Marking downloaded files as unread.
  • Wide download list export/import options. Supported formats: .txt, .txtd, .lst, .urls, .ion.
  • Intellectual multi-section download.
  • Internet DownloadAccelerator dynamically splits a file being downloaded into several sections and downloads all the sections at the same time.
  • Automatically restarts download when downloading speed decreases which helps to avoid stoppage.
  • Download speed control with automatic mode making web surfing more comfortable.

Pros And Cons

Pros  Cons
It makes a noticeable difference to download speeds It does not speed up downloads as significantly as developers claim
It includes a scheduler and broken download resumer
It features a bandwidth throttle

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Memory 128 MB RAM
Storage Space 100 MB Hard Drive Space

Screenshots of Internet Download Accelerator File Downloader For PC

IDA Internet Download Accelerator FAQs

IDA Won't Download File Then How To Download This Issue?

If IDA won’t download any files there may be one of the following causes:

  • No connection. Check if there is access to the Internet from other programs, for example from your browser.
  • Access to the Internet is blocked by firewall or, sometimes, anti-virus. In this case you have to adjust your firewall settings so that IDA has permission to access the Internet, or check if your anti-virus settings allow programs on your computer to access the network (for example, network access is sometimes blocked when the safest settings are enabled in anti-virus software).
  • Proxy-server is not specified. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings. You can try to disable the “Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer” option if it is enabled.
  • Proxy-server specified incorrectly. Check proxy-server settings in IDA -> Options -> Proxy settings.

Sometimes trojan programs set invalid proxy in the IE settings and IDA uses those settings (if “Use proxy-server settings from MS Internet Explorer” option is enabled).


Ida Won't Download A Particular File. What Should I Do?

If IDA won’t download some particular file only there may one of the following causes:

  • No connection to the specified server. Try to download later.
  • Invalid proxy-server or proxy-server is temporarily unavailable. Check proxy-server settings for this download (Download properties) or for the server (Site manager).
  • Probably specified incorrect download address(URL).


Is Integration To Maxthon/myie2 (Ie) Browser Possible?

Integration to MyIE2 is possible. You only have to enable it.

For that do the following:

  1. Run MyIE2 and choose Options -> MyIE2 Options… -> Advanced. Then set the “Enable IE Plugin Support” flag. Then click “Ok” and close MyIE2.
  2. Run MyIE2 once again and choose Options -> MyIE2 Options…->Advanced -> IE Plugin. And in the list which will appear on the left make the “IE 4.x-6.x BHO for IDA” plugin active. The rest of the plugins you can disable. Click “Ok“.
  3. Restart MyIE2 and enjoy intercepting downloads the same as in Microsoft Internet Explorer!


How To Enable Netcaptor Integration?

 To enable NetCaptor integration please do the following:

  1. Run IDA, open Downloads->Settings… enable “Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver. 4.x-6.x or above)”. Press “OK“.
  2. Run NetCaptor, open Tools -> NetCaptor Options -> General and enable “Load Browser Helper Objects”. Press “OK“.
  3. Restart NetCaptor. After this operation integration should work like in IE.


What’s new in this version:

  • Improved playlists download
  • Reduced disk space requirements for download list reservation
  • Minor bugs fixed

Internet Download Accelerator Software Overview

Technical Specification

Version 6.19.5
File Size 6.88 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer WestByte Software


Internet Download Accelerator lives up to expectations, being a practical application. It takes little of your time to get acquainted with features put at your disposal and manages to offer a handful of tools suitable both for personal and business use.


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