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How to use cartoon filter Instagram?‍

Instagram became popular by introducing the capability to apply filters to photos, enhancing their visual appeal. Since then, the platform has evolved significantly, offering a diverse range of tools and features for users to elevate and experiment with their photographs.

Whether you’re sharing Stories, Reels, or Posts, Instagram now boasts a wealth of creative filters directly integrated into its camera. Through fruitful partnerships with renowned brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Hollywood, users can access some of the most beloved filters, including the Disney cartoon face filter, Pixar characters, Batman, and more.


cartoon filter

In this article, you’ll discover how to easily access and download these cartoon filters on Instagram, allowing you to enjoy them with your friends.

What is a cartoon face filter on Instagram?


Instagram is teeming with users uncovering new and captivating filters. With Instagram, you can capture countless photos and employ these filters to enhance your images, transforming yourself into a cartoon character or simply making your photos more visually appealing.

To facilitate this, Instagram offers a cartoon face filter, allowing you to create amusing photos that you can then share with your closest friends on the platform.

Instagram’s cartoon filter magically metamorphoses a user’s entire face into a whimsical likeness reminiscent of a Disney movie character. Now, let’s delve into the process of downloading a stylish 3D filter for your beloved Disney character.

How to get the Disney princess character on Instagram?

In August 2020, Instagram introduced the Cartoon filter, which, much like Pixar films, analyzes your facial features and transforms you into a charming cartoon version of yourself. Due to its exceptional face-tracking technology, this filter has become the third most popular filter on Instagram, known as Cartoon 3D style.

This captivating cartoon face filter is not limited to Instagram alone; you can also utilize it on Snapchat and during Zoom video calls. The younger generation of today holds a strong affinity for Snapchat, where they can exchange snaps and build impressive streaks with their friends.

Steps to access the cartoon filters on Instagram

Step 1: Log in to the account and head to stories

To activate the Instagram camera, simply open the app, swipe left, and access your newsfeed. Alternatively, you can directly tap on the camera icon.

activate the Instagram camera

Step 2: Browse Effects

In the lower-left corner of your screen, there is a menu bar. Scroll down through this menu until you come across the “Browse Effects” option, indicated by a magnifying glass icon.


Step 3: Search for your favorite filters

Use the search bar located at the top and enter the name of the cartoon filter you prefer. Alternatively, you can opt for the most popular filter from the selection or explore specific categories available at the top.

To select a filter, simply tap on the smiling face symbol associated with the filter of your choice.

enter the name of the cartoon filter you prefer

Step 4: Test the filter and post

Select the “Try It” camera button located in the bottom left corner to preview how this filter looks on your face through your screen.Select the Try It camera button

Step 5: Bookmark your favorite Instagram filter

To save the filter for the future, click on the bookmark option.

save the filter for the future

You should find the Cartoon Face filter within your stories and effects section on Instagram, ready for your use whenever you desire.

This Instagram filter has the enchanting ability to transform your face into a Disney princess or prince-like character, and you can apply it to any photo or video from your camera roll.

Use cartoon 3D style lens

Instagram continually enhances its offerings, introducing new features and filters. Following the TikTok trend, Instagram introduced its Reels feature and later introduced filters like the Disney character and comic book character filters.

One notable filter is the Cartoon Face filter, which magically transforms your face into the animated likeness of a Disney princess, complete with large expressive eyes, reminiscent of characters in Pixar cartoons.

More recently, Instagram has introduced a 3D cartoon filter inspired by the Disney style. This particular filter takes your face and turns it into a charming cartoon representation, as if you’ve stepped into the enchanting world of a Disney film.


What is a cartoon face filter on Instagram?

A cartoon face filter on Instagram is a feature that transforms your face into a whimsical cartoon likeness, similar to characters in Disney or Pixar films. It can make your photos and videos more visually appealing or turn you into a cartoon character.

How can I get the Disney princess character filter on Instagram?

To get the Disney princess character filter on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Instagram account and access your stories.
  • Open the Instagram camera by swiping left or tapping on the camera icon.
  • Browse through the effects by selecting “Browse Effects” from the menu in the lower-left corner.
  • Use the search bar to find your preferred cartoon filter or explore popular filters and categories.
  • To try a filter, tap on the smiling face symbol associated with it.
  • Preview the filter by clicking the “Try It” camera button.
  • To save the filter for future use, click on the bookmark option.

Can I use Instagram’s cartoon filters on other platforms?

Yes, you can use Instagram’s cartoon filters not only on Instagram but also on Snapchat and during Zoom video calls.

What is the Instagram Cartoon 3D style filter?

The Instagram Cartoon 3D style filter is a filter introduced by Instagram that can turn your face into a charming cartoon representation, similar to characters in Disney films. It adds a unique 3D cartoon-like effect to your photos and videos.

How do I access Instagram’s Cartoon Face filter?

To access Instagram’s Cartoon Face filter, open the Instagram app, go to your stories, and access the camera. Then, browse through the effects by selecting “Browse Effects” from the menu, search for your preferred cartoon filter, and tap on the smiling face symbol to apply it.

Can I use the Cartoon Face filter on photos and videos from my camera roll?

Yes, you can use the Cartoon Face filter on both photos and videos from your camera roll, allowing you to transform existing content into charming cartoon versions.

What is the popularity of Instagram’s Cartoon Face filter?

Instagram’s Cartoon Face filter is one of the most popular filters on the platform, thanks to its ability to transform users into Disney-like characters and its exceptional face-tracking technology.


Instagram’s evolution from a photo-sharing platform to a creative powerhouse is evident in its diverse filter offerings. Collaborations with renowned brands like Disney have given rise to beloved filters that can transform you into iconic characters. This article has guided you on how to access and use these captivating cartoon filters, allowing you to infuse magic and creativity into your Instagram experience. So, start your artistic journey on Instagram today, whether you want to become a Disney character or embark on a cartoon adventure!


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