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How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories

Jul 2,2021 - (Free)

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Instagram is way more than just a platform for posting your favorite pictures and videos. You can argue that Instagram is even the top platform for engagement. Get inspired with countless templates and start creating your own posts with an online video editor.

These days, you’ll often see Instagram flooded with countless Stories. Just about everyone loves those Stories and they can be a lot of fun to play around with.

learn how to publish engaging instagram stories

Don’t discount how helpful Instagram Stories can be to your business as well. With the help of an online video editor, you can create some engaging Stories that will greatly boost interest in your latest venture.

Pick up some valuable tips on creating highly engaging Instagram Stories by continuing below.


Use Classic Video Ideas to Create Engaging Instagram Stories

There are some tried and true video types that are proven to generate plenty of engagement. You should use your preferred online video editor to create that type of content. After creating the videos, you can share them with your followers using Instagram Stories.

So, which video types are we talking about here?

You can start with instructional or how-to videos. If those video types make sense for your brand, feel free to post them as Stories.

Go ahead and take your video online to host an impromptu Q&A session as well. Give your followers free rein to ask about topics they’ve long been curious about. You’ll have their undivided attention for as long as the Q&A session goes.

After growing your following online, you can also give viewers an inside look at your creative process. Long-time fans and supporters will appreciate getting that closer look at the work you do. Count on their engagement boosting your profile for the next 24 hours. 

instagram stories

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Tease Promotions or Product Launches with the Help of the Online Video Editor 

Instagram Stories encourage you to pack more punch into the content you upload. You’re only getting 15 seconds per Story after all. It’s up to you to maximize that small allotment of time.

Don’t think of the 15-second limit as a restriction. Instead, use the time limit as something that can leave your viewers wanting more. With that in mind, you should use Instagram Stories to tease upcoming product launches and promotions.

Feature a specific product in one of your Stories and showcase just enough to hook your viewers. Now that their eyes are glued to your account, you can lead them to your store. It’s an easy way to generate more traffic for your company’s website.

Promotions also work really well as Instagram Stories. They are just long enough to build enough anticipation for what you have to reveal or offer. Post the major details on the screen, but encourage your followers to head to your website for additional information. 

Search for a video maker you like and start working on your teasers! 

Include Interactive Elements in Your Instagram Stories 

Generating engagement doesn’t have to be an especially complex undertaking. It could involve doing something as simple as including some particular elements in your online video editor creations.

To be more specific, we’re talking about including interactive elements in your high engaging Instagram Stories.

Stickers are elements you should feature in your video editing software creations.

Instagram gives users poll and question stickers to use in their Stories. Include those in your posts and encourage your followers to interact with them. Their innate curiosity will likely lead to them engaging with your posts.

You don’t have to only use stickers.

Templates are also helpful if you’re looking to create more engaging content. Fill-in-the-blank templates are really fun to use. They also excel at generating engagement because other people inevitably want to fill in the blanks themselves.

The prompt can also come in the form of a simple message. Tell the viewer to turn the sound on or something similar to that. Their curiosity will likely be piqued by the prompt and they’ll stick around to catch the end of your Instagram Story. 

engaging instagram story ideas

Host a Video Series via Instagram Stories 

You want to give your followers a reason to continually check in with your account. Accomplish that goal by hosting a video series via creative and engaging Instagram Stories.

In all honesty, hosting a video series using Instagram Stories will not be easy. Creating a cohesive series that spans numerous online video editor creations will take a lot of time and dedication. The effort will be worth it though.

Coming up with a good idea for a series will be your first goal. Maybe you can create a series around you trying out new types of food whenever you go out. Sharing an interesting personal anecdote using Instagram Stories could also provide a big boost for your engagement. 

Pick the Right Time to Post Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories will only stay online for 24 hours after posting. That means you don’t really have the time to let a Story grow and gradually gather engagement. It has to attract attention right away.

Timing will be crucial if you want to create buzz around your Instagram Stories. You have to be ready to launch your online video editor creation at a time when most of your followers are online. Posting the Story at the right time means it can enter more feeds and create engagement that way.

Of course, the challenge with posting at that time is that you’ll likely be competing with numerous other posts. If your post is recent enough though, it should still be seen by enough people. 

Post Instagram Stories Consistently 

One last thing you can do to boost and maintain the engagement rate of your Instagram Stories is to post consistently.

We want to be clear here. Posting consistently does not mean spamming posts.

You don’t have to post a new Instagram Story every hour of the day. Truthfully, you don’t even have to post every day.

Posting consistently means keeping your account active and following a set schedule. That is especially important if you’re hosting a video series. 

Parting Words On Online Video Editor For Instagram

The last thing you want is to disappoint your followers by failing to post a new Story on schedule. Get into that routine of posting your Instagram Stories and watch your engagement grow as a result. So get out there and do your create your video content strategy.


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