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Feb 24,2020 - Blueberry Software Product (Free)

26 MB (Safe & Secure)

FlashBack Pro is a screen capture and video recording software for creating tutorials, demonstrations, or training material to record your PC screen. Create compelling videos and presentations. Easily share your movies and view on any device. Create engaging movies by adding text, sound, and images to your screen recording. Flashback screen recorder’s powerful editing tools create polished presentations.

It is a complex Screen capture and video recording software designed to help you make video recordings of your screen as well as process clips. It can be used to create video tutorials or animations, for instance.

Flashback Pro Editing Studio Download For PC

The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. So, you can easy to screen capturing and video recording software (full screen, region or window), sound and footage from the webcam.

Once the recording is done, you can open it in the tool’s media player and start processing it. FlashBack Pro allows you to add text boxes, images, buttons, highlights, and arrows.

But you can also apply effects (e.g. blur), add ZoomPan, transitions and a cropping/auto-scroll region, highlight the mouse cursor, as well as edit the start and end titles.

Additionally, you can add or replace the current soundtrack, insert mouse click and keypress sounds into the movie, split the sound clips, switch to full-screen mode, jump to a specific frame and apply watermarks, as well as use the undo and redo functions.

From the ‘Options’ area, you can disable sound recording or configure sound settings (e.g. sample rate, channel mode, quality), test the webcam, configure optimization settings (e.g. switch off the Windows graphic effects to reduce the movie file size), disable the capture of keystrokes and rearrange keyboard shortcuts.

Flashback Pro Free Download

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor Dual-core, 1 GHz recommended.
Memory 1 Gb RAM required, 4 Gb RAM recommended.
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum
Additional Information Quicktime required for export to QuickTime format

Windows media player 9 or newer required for export to WMV format

Microsoft office 2000 or newer, including PowerPoint required for export to PowerPoint format

Directx 7.0 or newer required for movie playback

Flashback Pro Screen Capturing and Video Recording Software Feature

Advanced Technology

  • BB FlashBack can record high frame rate, high-quality movies without affecting PC performance, even on lower-powered PCs.
  • Our users have succeeded in recording large animations that other screen recorders -struggled with.

Continuous Recording

  • Ideal for usability testing, monitoring, and similar applications, BB FlashBack lets you record forever but limit the movie file size.
  • Easy To Use and Always Ready
  • BB FlashBack lives in your icon tray or floating above the desktop, so it’s always available.
  • The easy to use window shows you just the options you need.


  • Sound: Record a commentary at the same time as the screen. It’s easy to record the microphone, PC speakers or other sources.
  • Record Windows 7 and Vista: The BB FlashBack screen recorder is fully Vista and 7 compatible – capture ‘Aero’ mode effects at a high frame rate without a high-spec PC.
  • Scheduled Recording: BB FlashBack can start and stop recording at set times, or when certain applications are run and closed – particularly suitable for recording online events and webinars.
  • Publish on the Web: It never been easier for everyone to see your screen recordings. Upload to YouTube,, Viddler or Revver. Get the URL and share it around.
  • Apple Compatible Exports: Create video files compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone. BB FlashBack will help you optimize the size, and no extra conversion via iTunes will be required to view your movies.
  • Export to a Range of Formats: Reach the widest possible audience. The BB FlashBack screen recorder exports to the most widely used video formats: Flash, QuickTime, AVI and Windows Media Video. The Pro edition also creates a standalone EXE that viewers run to see your creation.
  • Playback Controls: Flash and EXE format exports get full playback controls, in a number of styles.
  • Show The Details: The audience won’t miss a thing. The easy to use zoom & pan feature lets you focus on any part of the movie. You can also crop the movie to only show a window or region. (Pro edition only)
  • Keep up with the action: Need to fit that movie into a smaller space? Crop it down and use the Autoscroll feature to keep the action visible automatically.
  • Add Something Extra: Its easy to insert video files into your movie. You can even show them a picture-in-picture style.
  • Powerful Video Editing: Frame-by-frame edit functions give you full control over what gets into the final cut. Edit out mistakes. Remove or add pauses. BB FlashBack screen recorder lets you edit with confidence thanks to undoing and redo functions. (Pro edition only)
  • Pro-Level Sound Editing: Edit multiple audio tracks side by side with video. Designed to enable you to synchronize sound with images easily. (Pro edition only)
  • Clean Up Sound: Background or microphone noise? Volume levels all over the place? Don’t worry – BB FlashBack can fix it in the mix. (Pro edition only)

Welcome Screen

  • Titles: Add a quality touch to your movie by adding start and end titles – it just takes a few seconds. (Pro edition only)
  • WebCam Recording: Give your movies the personal touch. Make an appearance with a picture-in-picture webcam recording. One-click and BB FlashBack records from the webcam while it records the screen.

Screen capture and video recording software has a good response time, includes user documentation and can be minimized to the system tray; the app uses a pretty high amount of CPU and system memory. We have not come across any issues in our tests; the app did not freeze, crash or display error dialogs.

Powerful Screen Recorder Features

Screenshots of BB Flashback Pro 5 Player

Official Video Intro Flashback Pro Editing Studio

Flashback Express - The Best Free Screen Recorder (Review And Indepth Look)

Flashback Pro Editing Studio FAQs

Can FlashBack record in HD?

FlashBack can record at whatever quality your screen is capable of displaying, including HD or 4K qualities.

For example, if your screen is set to a 1920 x 1080 resolution and you record the fullscreen, the saved recording will also be 1920 x 1080, which is HD.

If only a region of the the same 1920 x 1080 screen is recorded, the saved recording will have a resolution that matches the size of the selected region. If that resolution is smaller than 1920 x 1080, it won’t be considered HD.


How long can FlashBack record for?

There is no restriction on how long you can record for.

In practice you are limited by the amount of free space on the drive where FlashBack creates temporary files. By default this is the drive that Windows is installed on, but you can move the location of the folder by opening BB FlashBack Recorder, going to Tools -> Options -> Misc and changing the setting there.


How do I record web meetings in apps like Skype and Zoom?

When recording audio, your voice from the microphone is recorded separately to the other person’s voice, which comes from the PC audio.

To record both, enable the ‘Record PC Sounds’ and select an appropriate source (i.e. Default PC Speakers) to record what you hear and enable ‘Record Microphone’ and select your microphone source to record what you say.

You will want to see something like this:

Record PC Sounds


What frame rates can I record at?

If you are using MPEG record mode, the maximum recording frame rate is capped at 30 fps.

For GDI record mode, there is no limit to the recording frame rate but we would not recommend going too high as it may put a lot of strain on your PC, which will reduce performance and actually make the saved recording look worse than if a lower frame rate was used.


Can I increase the speed of a movie?

You can change either permanently change the speed of a movie or just temporarily change its playback speed.


You can change the playback speed of a movie by doing the following

  1. Open the Movie menu
  2. Go to Playback Speed
  3. Select one of the following options: x4, x2, x1.5, x1/2 and x1/4.

Changing playback speed does not make any permanent changes to your movie so will not be applied to exported files.

To permanently change the speed of a movie, FlashBack Pro is required and can be done by doing the following:

  1. Select the frames that you want to speed up or slow down
  2. Open the Actions menu
  3. Go to Movie Speed
  4. Select whether you want to speed or slow down the selected frames


Flashback Pro Screen Recorder Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
bbflbk5.exe 26 MB Download
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  • SimpleScreenRecorder
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Bandicam Screen Recorder
  • VokoscreenNG
  • Peek GIF Screen Recorder
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What’s New

  • Video Tutorials​
  • Lecture Recordings
  • Video Calls​
  • YouTube Videos​
  • Training Videos​

  • Video Lessons​

  •  Video Walkthroughs​

  • Presentations

  • Software Bug Reports
  • Demo Videos
  • How-To Videos​
  • Webinar Recordings

BB Flashback Pro 5 Video Editor Overview

Flashback Pro Screen Recorder Software

BB Flashback Pro 5 Video Editor Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Flashback Pro Software For Windows V
File Size 26 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Trial Version
Developer Blueberry Software Product


FlashBack Pro is a pretty good solution for screen capturing and video recording software and processing video files, although it may take some time to get familiarized with its features.


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