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Comodo Firewall Software For Windows Download

Jun 24,2019 - Comodo Group, Inc (Free)

5.4 MB (Safe & Secure)

Comodo’s Free Firewall is your first layer of protection from internet viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers, and all other online threats. Nowadays, Keeping your computer secured while connected to the Internet is a must for anyone. Operating systems come equipped with basic tools for such tasks, but there are various applications out there strictly dedicated and with enhanced features. Comodo Firewall is one of them and promises to stand by your side while browsing the web.

A thorough setup process

From the first step of the installation process, you need to pay attention so you only get desired items installed, as the application comes bundled with other offers as well. Moreover, your actions determine the overall behavior, as you can set the application to adapt to your activities so it automatically blocks or allows specific connections. while the file undergoes behavior analysis on the cloud server, it is run in a virtual environment (sandbox) on your local machine so that it cannot modify or affect data on your ‘real’ system. This ground-breaking method for the defense of your system means that only trusted applications are allowed to run. Malware and untrusted files get nowhere near anything important AND you get to use your computer without interruption from nagging alerts.

Provides quick access to features

The interface is quite modern and intuitive, letting anyone quickly accommodate, with full support from a rich online help manual. The application also brings a small widget on your desktop to display current security status and provide quick access to its features.

Full control over suspicious items

By default, virtually every interaction is monitored, with popups requiring your close attention to whether or not to allow the specific task to be performed. You can also choose to remember options, for example in the case of certain software updates.

Various tools to work with

It manages to do a pretty good job overall, with a lot of info accessible, regarding quarantined files or processes that are dependent on your Internet connection. In terms of accessibility, the application gives you free hand to handle nearly anything it is capable of. The settings menu is rich, covering general, security, as well as firewall options, each with dedicated features. For example, you can thoroughly manage protected objects that can be simple files, registry keys or even COM interfaces.

The application also gives you access to a gaming mode that is cleverly optimized to allow only game related connections to be established for a smooth gaming experience. What’s more, untrusted items can be sandboxed, in other words, have them launched in a protected environment that does not make system changes until you allow them to.

Comodo Firewall Picture

Comodo Firewall Features:

  • Default Deny Protection: Makes sure that only known PC-safe applications execute
  • Prevention-based security: Stops viruses and malware before they access your computer.
  • Auto Sandbox Technology: The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of your computer
  • Personalized alerts: Firewall remembers which software is allowed to operate and changes its alerts accordingly.
  • Cloud-based Behavior Analysis: Cloud-based behavior analysis system detects zero-day malware instantly.
  • Cloud-based Whitelisting: Cloud based whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and vendor
  • Game Mode: Suppresses operations that could interfere with a user’s gaming experience such as alerts, virus database updates or scheduled scans.
  • Application Control: Provides users with the ability to lockdown their PC so only known good applications can run.
  • Automatic updates: Stay current with the latest protection.
  • Precise and specific alert system: Warnings specify the level and type of possible threat from each source.
  • Easy to configure: Tell the free firewall to scan upon installation and add all current applications to the safe-list.
  • Detailed summary screen: Easily access an at-a-glance snapshot of current security settings
  • Uncluttered, user-friendly interface: Quickly navigate through the various parts of Firewall protection without getting lost
  • Thorough security “wizards”: Preset security settings for simple point-and-click setup
  • Exclusive access to Comodo’s “safe-list”: List of over two million known PC-friendly files and apps. It provides free firewall protection with the knowledge to let safe files and apps run.
  • ‘Training Mode’ lets Firewall automatically create ‘allow’ rules: Firewall software learns your trusted programs to minimize alerts

Some improvements are welcomed

Little of your system’s resources are used by the application. Even though the utility is incredibly powerful, we managed to encounter a serious system crash when restarting for new settings to be applied on Windows 8.1. This is not a general rule though, as the situations differ from machine to machine.

Comodo Firewall Dashboard

System requirements:

  • Windows XP (SP2 or better) & Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit versions)
  • A 533MHz processor or better.
  • 64 MB RAM or better.
  • 55 MB hard disk space for 32-bit versions and 75 MB for 64-bit versions
  • simplewall
  • TinyWall
  • OpenSnitch
  • Free Firewall
  • SpyShelter

Comodo Firewall Software Overview

Comodo Firewall

Technical Specification

File Size 5.4 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Comodo Group, Inc


Comodo Firewall does indeed live up to expectations and delivers the promised result. It takes little accommodation, with the most attention required being in the installation process. The feature pack is abundant and intuitive, stored in a well-designed interface. This might just be the right tool if you’re looking for extra protection.


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