CCleaner Download To Optimize, Tuning and Pc Cleanup

CCleaner is an easy-to-use, light-weight, safe, and effective drive cleanup utility popular for computers running Microsoft Windows that cleans out the ‘junk’ that accumulates over time: including a conservative registry cleaner, Pc health checkup, startup manager, temporary files, broken shortcuts, and other problems.


CCleaner includes a  system analysis that can find its way on your computer in order to find all kinds of unnecessary files such as temporary internet files, obsolete registry keys, badly done installations, cookies, or other remaining files on your browser, among many other things.

CCleaner removes cookies, temporary files, and various other unused data that is in your operating system. This frees up hard disk space, allow your system to run faster. Removing this data also protects your anonymous, which means you can browse online more securely. The built-in Registry Cleaner fixes errors and broken settings to make your computer more stable. The simple, new UI and rapid but powerful cleaning make this software a favorite among techies alike.

Features of CCleaner

  • PC Health Check

CCleaner’s new Health Check analyzes your PC and recommends quick fixes, then automatically tunes and updates it so it starts and runs faster, and is more secure.

  • 1-Click Updates All Your Software

The Outdated apps stayed in your system are a big security risk and you should remove it before any catastrophe. Old software can have vulnerabilities because they aren’t enough capable to face the new cyber threats, which are quickly discovered and shared amongst cybercriminals. CCleaner automatically updates your software to close security holes before they can be found.

  • Speeding computer

More your system filled with unwanted junks or non-productive files, more you will face the lack of speed on the pc. CCleaner removes unused files and settings to free up valuable hard drive space, enabling your system to run faster. The default settings only focus on typical junk files and locations so you’re unlikely to lose important information unless you alter these.

  • Fewer crashes & system error

CCleaner’s fully featured Registry Cleaner identifies these issues and fixes them. The registry analysis takes seconds and cleaning just a little bit longer. Prompts advise you when to save backups to avoid losing important data.

  • Secure browsing

Your pc is at high risk by having saved passwords, cached data, and internet histories to make your identity less secure. CCleaner removes these files to make your browsing confidential, meaning you are less likely to suffer from identity theft or online fraud.

  • Customize clean

These software tools and Options tabs allow you to customize cleaning options to fit your needs. If you are not a user, you might want to stick with the safe default settings. Advanced users can uninstall unwanted programs, select which cookies save, customized cleaning settings, and set up system monitoring.

  • Quicker Startup

Many programs run silently in the background when you start up your computer. CCleaner helps you get to work or play faster by letting you disable unneeded programs.

Also available CCleaner alternative, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for system monitoring.

CCleaner Pro

If someone has better utility with pro uses, there is CCleaner Professional for them, in this, the tool will regularly clean junk files to keep your computer running smoothly, also Clears history and cookies when you’re not using your web browser. All this makes it easy to speed up a slow computer and keep your activity private — automatically and in the background. Click here to download the CCleaner Pro trial pack.

Comparison Chart (Free Version and CCleaner Professional)

CCleaner Free CCleaner Pro  CCleaner Pro Up to 3 Pc
New: PC Health Check

Automatically analyzes, fixes and tunes your PC’s performance

Yes Yes Yes
Faster Computer

Control which apps use your computer’s resources

Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Protection

Removes tracking files and browsing data

Yes Yes Yes
Software Updater

Quickly updates apps to reduce security vulnerabilities

No Yes Yes
Cleans Everywhere

Even places other cleaners can’t reach

No Yes Yes
Guards Against Junk Files

Monitors junk in real-time

No Yes Yes
Automatically Clears History

Cleans your browser when you close it

No Yes Yes
Always Up-to-date

CCleaner keeps up with your browsers and operating system

Manual Yes Yes
Faster, Longer-lasting Hard Drives

Includes Defraggler, to keep hard disks healthy and running efficiently

File Recovery

Includes Recuva, so you never have to worry about losing a file again

See Inside your PC

Includes Speccy, so you can spot issues or find compatible upgrades

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Technical Specification
  • Software Name: CCleaner
  • Version: 5.66
  • Size: 24.1 MB
  • Type: Trial Version
  • Developers: Piriform CCleaner

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CCleaner download freeDownload Software For Mac

CCleaner download free



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