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What Is VPN (Virtual Private Network) And Why You Need One?

Oct 29,2020 - (Free)

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Have you ever wished that you could browse the internet without being watched by someone who are peeking over your shoulder? Wonderful! What a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is and why you need one is exactly what you will learn about in this post.

What Is A VPN?

If you’re not sure what a VPN is, don’t worry, everything will be explained here. A Virtual Private Network is a program people can use to hide their IP addresses.

Now, when most people think about hiding their identity to browse the internet safely, they automatically associate it with criminal activity online. But this isn’t the case at all. The vast majority of people using them are doing so for work purposes or merely protecting their data.

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The problem is if you…

  1. Travel
  2. Use public wifi networks
  3. Use online banking with secure browsing
  4. To browse the internet safely with privacy protected

… then you might want to start using a VPN; it’s the only way to ensure all your information stays safe.

You see, when you’re using things like public networks, it makes it easy for hackers to gain access to your devices.

Let’s explain some of the other benefits a VPN can bring to you:

Find Cheaper Flight Tickets

Booking flights to different countries can get expensive quickly, but did you know there’s a way of finding cheaper flight prices?

Using a VPN gives you a chance of lowering flight prices with companies that don’t reside in your country. 

You see, flight companies only display their lowest prices in the country they originate from. And it shouldn’t be surprising; they are their main clientele after all.

Next time you’re looking at booking a flight, try changing your location to where the company originates from; you might be surprised by how much money you can save. 

Learn New Languages

Have you been trying to learn a new language? If you have, using a VPN might help you progress a little faster.

You see, the fastest way to learn a language is by totally immersing yourself in the new language. And that’s where a VPN can help you.

VPNs let you change your location to anywhere you want, which means you can view the content from that country.

Because you can do this, you can expose yourself to the language and their culture.

Unlock Regional-Based Content

Did you know YouTube blocks certain content depending on what location you’re in? Not many people do; you see, YouTube used to let you know if the video wasn’t available in that country, now they just don’t show the content at all. This has been making it difficult for people to enjoy their favorite videos with new friends they’ve made abroad.

If you’ve ever run into this problem, a VPN could have sorted it.

Stream All Your Favorite Shows 

This is one most people have experienced. Let’s paint the picture; you’ve just landed abroad, you’re tired, and want to chill out and enjoy your favorite show. But as you click play, the browser warns you it’s not available in that country. Soul destroying devastation kicks in, and you have to watch something in a language you have no idea how to understand.

This is because most TV has licensing rights in specific countries. Luckily there is a way around this. Yep, you’ve guessed it; a VPN will do the job; all you have to do is change your location to whichever country the browser requires.  

Bypass Firewalls 

Did you know China has banned Facebook in their country? This means if you travel to China, you won’t be able to keep up to date with your social media. If you’re traveling, it’s good to have the option of a VPN to secure browsing the internet in China and some other similar countries who have banned some of the most popular social media platforms; at least you know you can browse securely what you want and when you want.

Recommended VPNs To Secure Browsing

Ok, now you’re aware of the benefits a VPN can bring you, you’re probably wondering what VPNs you should be using. And that’s what you’re going to learn in this section, so without any more delay, let’s get into the top three VPNs the market has to offer:


This is one of the best VPNs on the market for securing your internet connection with no compromises.

ipvanish vpn service to browser the internet safely

The VPN service has over 40,000 IPs on over 1,300 servers. But the best thing is they have these servers in 75 different countries. Because of this, you have complete access to browse the internet safely and total anonymity.

IPVanish also comes with a very competitive price when compared to other services that offer the same services.


The price includes an unlimited amount of devices so you can enjoy your privacy on all of your devices.


If you’re looking for a quick fix to secure your browsing problems without having to pay any money, then this VPN might be able to help you out to secure your web browsing.


TunnelBear is an entirely free VPN that gives your 500MB of encrypted data every month.

If you’re looking for more than that, by tweeting the team, you can get them to increase it to 1GB per month. Now, this won’t be enough to stream movies or anything fancy, but if you’re looking to use it for online banking, it will work perfectly.

The free version can give you access to eight different countries. One thing to note is your browsing speed will be significantly limited.

ExpressVPN For Secure Web Browsing 

This is one of the most popular VPNs on the market today and has been proven to be one of the fastest, which only increases its popularity by giving you the best experience of secure web browsing on the internet.


They have over 3,000 servers in 160 locations. They also have 30,000 IPs to help you hide your identity from anyone looking.

They come with quite a few price plans for you to choose from, and if you purchase the 1-year plan, you’ll get three months free.

Rounding Up

If you want to have secure web browsing on the internet without having to worry about people watching, you only have one option. And that it is, to choose one of the best VPN services on the market. Now you never have to be worried about hackers getting to your personal data.




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