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Zulip Team Chat App Download For PC To Team Communication 5.8.1

Oct 29,2020 - Zulip Team (Free)

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Zulip is a powerful, open-source tool for the best team chat app that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. Zulip is used by open source projects, Fortune 500 companies, large standards bodies, and others who need a real-time chat system that allows users to easily process hundreds or thousands of messages a day. With over 500 contributors merging over 500 commits a month, Zulip is also the largest and fastest-growing open-source group chat project.

Destined as a valid alternative to collaboration services like Slack or HipChat, Zulip is an incredibly powerful and highly extensible open-source chat/collaboration app that has been recently acquired by Dropbox.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s open-source, this means that it’s somehow lacking features when compared to other apps of this sort. The main purpose was to create a stable and capable environment for sharing private and public messages efficiently.

” Communicate in a respectful manner – don’t just tell your team members what you want, but explain to them why. “
– Jeffrey Morales

Zulip Software For The Best Team Chat App

Features of Zulip For The Best Team Chat App

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Communicate as efficiently as you use your favorite text editor. Anything you can do with a mouse, you can do even faster from the keyboard.
  • Integrations: Get alerts and updates from your favorite services with off-the-shelf integrations for Trac, Nagios, GitHub, Jenkins, and more.
  • API: Want to roll your own notifications? We’ve got a dead-simple RESTful API and Python bindings that will make integrations—both sending and receiving—a snap!
  • Mobile Apps: Keep up while on the go with our native quality iOS and Android apps.
  • Enterprise-grade Security: It is used by some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world.
  • Full-text Full-history Search: Search is both snappy and smart, helping you look for text, people, and threads of conversation, with advanced search operators for fine-grained control.
  • History: Join a stream and see its history, so even new team members are never out of the loop.
  • Starred Messages: Keep a to-do list of messages to come back to, or keep track of interesting conversations.
  • Statistics: Zulip has a powerful set of analytics available to help you see how your organization communicates.
  • One-on-one And Group Private Conversations: Lightweight private conversations with one or as many people as you need.
  • Team Availability: See who is currently online at a glance.
  • Private Streamsprivate Streams: Enjoy the benefits of threaded conversations while controlling your audience and privacy.
  • Markdown Optimized For Team Chat: Express your ideas clearly with bulleted lists, bold, italics, and much more. Zulip even supports discussing math with LaTeX.
  • Emoji And Emoji Reactions: Have fun expressing yourself with emoji!
  • Inline Image, Video, And Tweet Previews: Send a link and we’ll automatically generate a preview; click the preview to see it at full scale.
  • Drag-and-drop File Uploads: Drag a file into the compose box and we’ll upload and preview it for you. Sharing and discussing work with teammates has never been easier.
  • Code And Quote Blocks: Discuss code with ease using Markdown code blocks (and syntax highlighting). And discuss blocks of text with ease with block quotes.
  • Customizable Automatic Linkification: Customize Zulip’s markup to automatically link back to your issue tracker or GitHub when you type “#1235” or a commit ID.

Other features that are worthy of your attention are as follows: support for groups and group conversations and topics, full conversation history, G-mail-style search function, support for drag and drop, markup, hotkeys, emojis, syntax highlighting, and message editing. The platform also has a powerful API and offers dozens of integrations with various external services such as GitHub, Jenkins, Nagios, Basecamp, BitBucket, Codebase, Git, Google Calendar, JIRA, WordPress, Trello, and Slack, just to name a few.

To run Zulip on your computer, you must install and run Zulip Server which, unfortunately, at the current moment, only works on Ubuntu 14.04. Up until recently, you had to use any typical web browser to access Zulip’s UI, but now there’s a far better solution that comes in the form of an official desktop app called Zulip Desktop Client. The app is available for both Windows and macOS, as well as for the two of the most popular mobile platforms out there, Android and iOS.

This Electron-based app offers you access to Zulip’s full functionality with the added benefit of generous system native-wide notifications. There’s only one extra step you need to undertake in order to benefit from everything this solution has to offer, namely a simple installation process, a small price to pay for the convenience of using this app directly from your computer’s desktop and without requiring the assistance of a web browser.

What are some alternatives to Zulip?

Imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. That’s Slack. All your messages. All your files. And everything from Twitter, Dropbox, Google Docs, Asana, Trello, GitHub, and dozens of other services. All together.

HipChat is a hosted private chat service for your company or team. Invite colleagues to share ideas and files in persistent group chat rooms. Get your team off AIM, Google Talk, and Skype — HipChat was built for business.

Microsoft Teams
See content and chat history anytime, including team chats with Skype that are visible to the whole team. Private group chats are available for smaller group conversations.

Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files of any type. It provides instant messaging, simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 Focal. Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic. Debian 10 Buster.
Memory At least 2 GB RAM and recommended 4 GB RAM.
Storage Space 10 GB free hard disk space.
Virtual Machine A dedicated machine or VM.
DNS A hostname in DNS.
Required Credential Credentials for sending emails.

Screenshots of Zulip Software

Official Video Intro Zulip Software

A short tour of Zulip

Zulip Software Overview

Zulip Team Chat App

Technical Specification

Software Name Zulip Software For Windows V 5.8.1
File Size 793 KB
Languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
License Free Trial
Developer Zulip Team


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