These cinematic color tone Photoshop actions contain pre-selected parameters that simplify color correction and allow you to achieve professional results in a couple of clicks by adding a Hollywood feel to your images.

Such an action helps enhance a photo by using toning, altering brightness and making the colors more vibrant.


All actions presented below are non-destructive and will ensure the original image layer is left unchanged. They’re compatible with Photoshop versions from CS3 to CS6 as well as Ps Creative Cloud.

1. Premium Cinematic Actions Collection


This bundle of 220 cinematic actions is suitable for all photography genres from wedding and lifestyle to landscape and portraiture. They can easily be used along with other plugins to make the final result even more breathtaking.

Currently, it’s offered at a discounted price that allows you to purchase this pack for $50 instead of $85. The discount is only available for one day, so don’t waste your time!

2. Cinematic Colors Photoshop Actions


This bundle comes with 50 beautiful actions designed for achieving a cinematic feel in just a couple of clicks. You can choose between different options to apply either a classic effect or an action with a more unusual color palette.

Some of the effects add a Hollywood look to the images by accentuating orange-and-teal color toning.

3. VHS Photoshop Actions


VHS Photoshop Actions are 20 Ps actions and 20 add-ons. These tools are best suited for portrait photos and are particularly popular among fashion photographers. By applying them you receive truly stylish photos with a cinematic effect and lighting.

4. Bohemian Film Photoshop Actions


Bohemian Film Photoshop Actions are 65 actions that add washed-out colors and an analog film effect, enhancing the atmosphere and shifting the mood of a photo. These cinematic Photoshop actions are especially well-suited for full-body portraiture or landscape photos taken around dawn.

Free Instagram Photoshop Actions Collection


This set of six Free Instagram Photoshop actions is easy to apply and always provides a professional, clean look. All photographers who work with trendy products, Instagram bloggers, and social media fans as well as e-commerce business owners can benefit from getting these actions.

They make it simple to have all images edited in the same style while still standing out from photos enhanced with basic Photoshop actions.

6. Vintage Colors Photoshop Actions


Get this collection of 40 actions to produce trendy, vintage images in a matter of seconds. This set of Photoshop tools is applicable for wedding, portrait, baby and family photos.

To enhance the effect you get even further, this collection also includes 10 overlays that will highlight the most important details in your pictures.

7. Complete Cinematic Photoshop Actions


This bundle includes 125 tools that will add film photography feel to your images. Moreover, each action also has a matte version. You can apply any of these actions to add a refined, stylish film effect that enhances the photo, preserving its realistic look.

8. Classic Cinematic Photoshop Actions


This bundle contains 15 cinematic Photoshop actions that you can use to add a film effect to your images.

All actions can be customized to fit your photo editing style and since they’re non-destructive and have multiple layers, you can adjust every aspect of the effect without having to worry about ruining the original image. This collection is best suited for portrait, wedding and lifestyle photos. Download Smoke Photoshop Overlays for a more dramatic look.

9. Movie-Feel Photoshop Actions


It includes 25 analog film effects as well as a tutorial on how to apply these actions to get the most out of them. Each cinematic color tone Photoshop action from this bundle can be applied with one click, with all of them being non-destructive and maintaining the original image intact.

10. Cinematic Portrait Photoshop Actions


This universal collection contains 75 actions designed for applying washed out, vintage effects with a single mouse click. The collection includes snapshot pre-rendering that can be easily added to your photos with most actions only taking up 2 layers.

11. Retro Photoshop Actions


You can use any of these 30 effects to transform ordinary images into artworks that look like they were taken 30 years ago. All actions offer non-destructive editing and enable you to achieve a retro look in several ways and even create an atmosphere similar to what you can see in Blade Runner.

12. Film Tone Photoshop Actions


 This cinematic color tone Photoshop action collection includes 25 tools, with 19 of them being cinematic effects and 6 being responsible for toning.

These effects look equally well in large-scale photos and images with a smaller resolution while giving you the ability to fine-tune them to get the perfect look. This collection was primarily designed for portraiture, nature, travel and lifestyle photography.

13. Film Movies Photoshop Actions


The bundle includes 35 actions that can add a film effect to any image, with each action being paired with a matte variation as well. If your goal is to add a subtle film feel to your images with minimum effort, this collection is ideal for you.

14. Film Effect Photoshop Actions


This cinematic color tone Photoshop action bundle includes all sorts of vintage color grading tools. Using the actions is simple as you can add stylish grain to an image with a single click. The pack comes with a broad range of actions and features 30 cinematic color and 20 B&W options as well as a helpful manual. For color grading street architecture photos, we recommend downloading Landscape Lightroom Presets.

15. Cinema Photoshop Actions


The pack includes 25 actions and a handy guide on how to apply them properly. You can use these tools to add a warm, endearing mood to an image by applying orange, pink and yellowish toning. The collection also features 33 film grain textures and snapshot pre-rendering that allows picking one action and selecting the necessary effect.