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20 Best, Free And Paid Smoke Photoshop Overlays

Aug 4,2020 - (Free)

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Want to add a realistic smoke effect to your photos? Learning how to make smoke in Photoshop can be a time-consuming task. Save time and download these paid and free smoke overlays for Photoshop.

All overlays are available in high resolution and PNG format. They are compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers. Learn how to use Photoshop effectively.

1. White Smoke Overlays


Use this collection to achieve the classic white smoke effect. This bundle includes smoke of various textures, shapes, and forms. The collection has plug-ins with varying smoke intensity from dense clouds to light, barely noticeable haze.


2. Red Smoke Overlays


Download this pack and get 30 incredible red smoke overlays. They are quite universal and can be applied to the wedding, editorial, portrait, lifestyle, and graduation photographs. Achieve more dramatic results by combining the red elements in the frame and the appropriate overlay.

3. Smoke Bomb Overlays


Do your pictures lack colors? Using smoke bombs could improve the situation but they cost a lot and can stain model clothes. Plus, it’s pretty challenging to capture the right moment.

This smoke Photoshop overlay pack can be a great alternative. It consists of 110 overlays suitable for various genres of photography. All plug-ins from this bundle were created using real smoke bombs. As a result, you can get the most authentic look.

4. Smoke Overlays for Double Exposure Photography


If you need effective tools to enhance your double exposure images, then this pack with large dark clouds of smoke will be useful for you. These overlays are very popular among portrait photographers due to the realistic texture of the smoke. Thanks to these effects, you can transform your ordinary pictures into real masterpieces.

5. String Smoke Overlays


This bundle includes ten overlays with a unique smoke string effect. Just a few clicks and your pictures will look breathtaking. These smoke overlays are great for situations where you need a sophisticated minimalistic design without any frills.

6. Abstract Smoke Overlays

abstract smoke overlay

Download this collection of 50 overlays to enhance your images. Here you will find awesome abstract smoke designs to help give your photos a polished look. You can adjust the size of the overlays or combine several options to get the most impressive results.

7. Cloudy Smoke Overlays


This bundle contains nearly transparent plug-ins with large clouds of smoke throughout the image. There are no effects with clearly defined shapes. Using these smoke overlays for Photoshop you can add the effect of light fog or haze to the images. These subtle elements will make your background more attractive and grunge.

8. Animated Smoke Overlays

animated smoke overlays

This pack is great for photographers engaged in sports, dance or other dynamic photography genres. They will help you focus on the main subject, highlight a special atmosphere and emotions, and make the picture pop up.

9. Violet Smoke Overlays


Want to add vibrant and creative touches to your images? Then try the smoke Photoshop overlay from this collection. Use these plug-ins if magenta tones won’t break the color palette of your pictures. All overlays are highly detailed and create a feeling of something unreal and fantastic.

10. Rainbow Smoke Overlays


Do your pictures look too dull and plain? Then download this set of Ps overlays with a multi-colored smoke effect. They will make your pictures brighter and bring a merry and cheerful atmosphere.

11. Neon Smoke Overlays


These bright smoke overlays will add rich color to city landscapes, bring creative touches and futuristic elements, emphasize the originality of a fashion look and make portraits lighter.

Each smoke Photoshop overlay from this pack can fill your images with a sense of fantasy and surrealism. They also add subtle bokeh to further enhance the atmosphere.

12. Spooky Smoke Overlays

spooky smoke overlays

Do you need to improve your photos taken in a horror style? Do your Halloween pictures look too cute? Then this bundle is just for you. Green smoke will help create an eerie mystical atmosphere and turn your dark photos into a real art piece.

13. Thick Smoke Overlays


This stunning collection contains over a hundred smoke overlays that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Thick clouds of smoke will add zest to your images and make them more attractive.

14. Smoke Explosion Overlays


Blast your images with this overlay collection. Designers imitated the shockwave smoke effect that appears during the explosion. After applying any plug-in you will see a large cloud of smoke and dust in the picture.

These overlays have a fairly narrow range of applications. They are great if you want to demonstrate power and strength, for example, in male portraits or fantasy photoshoots.

15. Modern Smoke Overlays


Looking for cool smoke Photoshop overlay to add art strokes to your studio photos? Take a look at this incredible collection. It includes over 50 smoke effect designs. You can use them to give your pictures a more artistic and aesthetically pleasing look and emphasize your style.

16. Real Smoke Overlays


This pack contains smoke overlays that look as natural and authentic as possible. They are quite universal and can be used to enhance landscapes, portraits and other shots when you need to add a little scary or mystical atmosphere. You can apply a single smoke Photoshop overlay to an image or combine several smoke designs with Cinematic Color Tone Photoshop Actions for a more powerful visual effect.

17. Cigarette Smoke Overlays


Get a collection of 75 awesome overlays for fast photo editing. Vertical designs resemble streams of cigarette smoke rising from the bottom of the photo. Here you will find overlays that simulate the smoke coming from one cigarette, cigar or plug-ins that will add huge thick clouds.

18. Smoke Overlays for Food Photography


If you are engaged in food photography, you probably often face the problem of capturing steam over a dish. This bundle of free smoke overlays for Photoshop will make your life easier. Use any of 39 professionally created effects and your food will look more attractive and appetizing.

19. Creative Smoke Overlays


 This high-re Ps overlay collection consists of 25 different effects. This pack includes smoke in the most intricate and creative forms. It is ideal for fashion photography and when you want your photo to stand out and catch the viewers’ attention.

20. Fog and Mist Overlays


Add a dose of mist or fog to create a mysterious atmosphere with these 20 amazing smoke overlays. You can choose effects with different fog densities that suit your ideas and composition. This pack will turn even the most boring shots into eye-catching artworks, especially used together with Landscape Lightroom Presets.




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