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Bandicam Screen Recorder Software For Windows PC Download

Aug 6,2019 - Bandicam Company (Free)

21.4 MB (Safe & Secure)

Bandicam is a lightweight video recording tool designed to capture your screen activity to a video file. It features a mode built specifically for helping users record their gaming sessions. Although the user interface is simple and it might trick you into thinking that this is a tool with limited features, this is definitely not the case. Bandicam Screen Recorder combines simplicity and useful features for delivering the best results when it comes to video recording operations.

Record Everything (Game + PC screen) and save it as AVI, MP4 files. Bandicam Screen Recorder is the best Game, Video, and Desktop Screen recording software. You can record WOW, Minecraft, iTunes, YouTube, PowerPoint, Webcam, Skype, Video chatting, Streaming video, and the desktop screen without lagging.

Audio and video software compresses the video while recording and uses much lower CPU/GPU/RAM usage, and it fully supports the hardware accelerated h.264 encoder of Nvidia NVENC/CUDA, Intel Quick Sync Video, and AMD APP which allow the video to be recorded in high speed, with a high compression ratio and excellent quality. As a result, it has less lag and you can save your HDD and CPU. The app displays an FPS number in the corner of the screen while it is active in the ‘DirectX/OpenGL window’ mode.

Bandicam Screen Recording Download For Windows

Multimedia software also can record video at resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 in high quality (2160P UHD video can be made) and your webcam stream will be simultaneously recorded and merged with the game/screen recording (Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video). Multimedia software supports a real-time drawing function that allows users to draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording the computer screen. Multimedia software can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting because the recorded file size is much smaller than other software (1/5 ~ 1/20 video size).

Rectangle On a Screen

Bandicam Benefits

  • Audio and Video software users can record footage of their games even as they are running them, thanks to the tool’s outstanding screen recording functionality. It has basic and advanced options and settings, which users can configure before they start recording their gaming sessions. These settings include Output, Video, Image, General, and FPS.
  • Primary and secondary sound devices can be selected from the Others tab, which is located in the General setting, under the Advanced option. Users can also enable two-sound mixing—where the primary and secondary sounds are recorded into one audio track—from here. The autocomplete recording setting can also be found under the Others tab. This allows users to set up the recording time they want, define their after-recording settings, and determine the maximum file size of their recording.
  • Under Advanced settings, users have the add webcam overlay option, which allows them to include their webcam footage on the recording screen. The Logo tab allows users to add logos in PNG format.
  • Meanwhile, Video settings allow users to show hotkeys while they are recording their game, such as the pause hotkey and the record/stop hotkey. They can also show the mouse cursor and add mouse click effects. FPS limits can be set in the FPS settings. FPS overlay can also be rearranged from there. All these game recording features combine to help the user produce high-quality work.
  • Equally as dynamic is audio and video software screen recording mode. Interesting functionalities like the pencil functionality—which allow users to scribble and draw —let users come up with a customized output. They can also set up highlight to encircle objects, items,  or images on the screen, or use arrows to do the same. Numbers can also be used to show stages, steps, or phases. This model and its functionalities are perfect for video tutorials.
  • Users can also capture and record their real-time webcam screen while they are playing with audio and video software device recording functionality. Screens of devices like PlayStation 3/4, Android, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Xbox 360, can be recorded and captured after installation and the addition of some hardware. Product development and gameplay videos are best done with this software feature.

Screen Recording

Bandicam Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Two Capture modes Videos may have lag problems
Easy to get started, easy to use Sometimes experiences problems with corrupted videos but comes supported with a fix tool
Impressive range of options regarding recording quality  Software sometimes has trouble remembering the sound and audio configurations
 The free 30-day trial offered
Ability to resize the capture area
Supports lots of codecs and formats

Bandicam System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Support for 32/64-bit)

Bandicam Features

Screen Recording

Audio and video software can record everything on your computer screen and save it as video files(AVI, MP4) or image files.

Start Recording

Game Recording

Audio and video software can make it possible to record various 2D/3D games with 4K UHD Video and capture up to 144 FPS Video.

BandiCam Get Started

Device Recording

Audio and video software allows you to record external video devices such as a webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV, etc.

Please Select Device!

Real-Time Drawing

Draw and outline on your video or screenshot in real-time.


Real-Time Drawing

Add Webcam Overlay

Add webcam video of yourself on the video that you are recording.

Add Webcam Overlay

Scheduled Recording

Start recording at a specific time on a daily/weekly schedule.

Scheduled Recording

Mix Your Own Voice

Record the system audio and your voice at the same time.

Mix Your Own Voice

Mouse Effects

Add a mouse click effect and animation while recording.

Mouse Effects

Chroma Key for Webcam Overlay

Make a chroma key video in real-time while recording your computer screen.

Chroma Key for Webcam Overlay

Screenshots of Bandicam Screen Recorder

Official Video Intro Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam - A High-Performance Video Recording Software

Bandicam Screen Recording Software FAQs

Is bandicam really free?

Bandicam is a free screen capture program that lets you record video from games, desktop or external sources.


How long can you record with bandicam unregistered?

You can record over 24 hours without stopping.


Is bandicam a one time purchase?

The Bandicam license is a onetime purchase. Once you purchase Bandicam, there is a lifetime guarantee on the license as long as you follow the license policy.


Does bandicam have a time limit?

Bandicam is shareware, meaning that it can be tested free of charge with limited functionality (It is often called crippleware). The free version of Bandicam places its name as a watermark at the top of every recorded video, and each recorded video is limited to 10 minutes in length.


How do you get unlimited time on bandicam?

Select the “Around mouse” menu and click “Fullscreen” and close Bandicam. Type in “Task Scheduler” on Start, and click “Task Scheduler”. [General] tab : Click “Create Task…”, type the name of task such as “Bandicam start recording” and check “Run with highest privileges”.


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What’s New

  • Added the “Unregister” button to remove the registration information.
  • Added the “Rename” function on the context menu to the Home tab.
  • Changed the maximum size of the mouse cursor, click effect, and highlight effect from 200% to 300%.
  • Improved highlight effect method (The boundary line has become smoother)

Bandicam Screen Recorder Overview

Bandicam Screen Recording Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 21.4 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Bandicam Company


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